The Harnisch Family

The Harnisch Family

Jun 7, 2010

Butterfly Birthday

Another Birthday on the books for McKenzie! Thanks to all of our amazing family members for being a part of McKenzie big celebration...she is so blessed!
She told all of us that she wanted a butterfly cake. Ask and you shall receive...She loved's made of cupcakes :-)
She is still holding her party favors from Aunt Bethany's baby shower, which was right before her big party.
The twins next door let us borrow their adorable lemonade stand for our party...Thanks Fast Family...all the kiddos had a lot of fun with it :-)
McKenzie pouring cousin Anna a drink
All of the girls at the party got their own custom nail polish. The labels say "McKenzie's 3!! June 4th, 2010" and there are 2 butterflys :-)
several different colors for everyone to choose from :-)
Daddy made a little highlight video with music "Here comes the Sun". Here the girls are viewing it on the computer as McKenzie commentates :-)
Anna guarding the gifts!
Cousin Danielle pouring Brook some lemonade...whoa...
Oh and Brook us quite the business man. I asked him how much for a cup. He confidently told me $40. He also said "you don't get any until you pay $40).! Ha. :)
Me and my big 3 year old posing for a pic (or as Ja said "Manufacturing a smile").
Everyone watching McKenzie open her gifts...Grandma has Macy OUT!
McKenzie LOVED her bug catching supplies...she's a "Sid the Science Kid" fan, so she totally knew what to do with her magnifying glass...I love Sam's expression in this picture :-)
Make a wish...Blow out your candles...
Thanks Shelly for videotaping the moment for us :-)

Exploring the cake with her magnifying glass...
What a goof!
Me and my poppa out on the porch
Me, Macy and my beautiful sisters :-)
Aunt Heather wanted to (at Macy's expense) have a little fun with the boas. CUUUUTE!!
okay, so it was MY idea to gather ALL the grandkiddos (minus Colton) up for a cousin picture...
...karma set in...of course, my child would be the one who would NOT cooperate :-(
For some reason McKenzie wanted NOTHING to do with this group shot!
"It's my party and I'll cry if I want to"
I like this shot...but we did lose Mason...shoot! :-) oh and check out Dalton's face, too funny. tell us how you really feel buddy! ha!
this is ironic...the fire chiefs wife (my sister Keri) would be the one to park illegally...not only on the wrong side of the road (see sign), but in front of a fire hydrant no less. We found it especially fitting that the Yukon has a fire union sticker on the back...nice shot Chad. Aren't you proud Dan.
Anna and McKenzie searching for Ants.
Look Anna, I found one!!! She stepped on it a couple seconds late. :-(
So I had a few extra minutes before the party and decided to make labels for all of the food dishes and beverages. Tied them all into the Butterfly party theme :-)
Here are just a few...I think I made a total of 13 labels (I know I'm a dork).
MMMM....fresh asparagus. I love this time of year!!

Thanks again to all of my wonderful family for helping us celebrate McKenzie's 3 year birthday, you all mean the world to us! It would not have been the same without each and every one of you!!
After everyone left I went inside to access the damage...yikes! It looked as though World War 4 took place in my living room. oh and the family room, kitchen, dining room as well as front office. seriously!! good times - good times :-)
It was a busy weekend...aside from some other activities, McEvoy's Car Counting party in Waterloo, college friend's Bachelorette party, Easton's Memorial event/fundraiser, Bethany's "Benson" baby shower, our house also played host to my friend Al's wedding shower the day before and we get to do it again next week for Bethany's "Harnisch" baby shower. Bring it on!! :-)

final note before I head up to bed...our volleyball team (Pete's Pucca Posse) were champs tonight, winning the season. Oh yeah, free t-shirts, pizza and beer for us baby! woot-woot!


  1. I see a title, no content. Would you like me to wait a couple more minutes. Te He!

  2. Ooops, I accidentally "published" too soon...there you go!! :-)
    btw - these are not all the pictures, I'll upload to facebook and share them all soon. :)

  3. Hi, I was searching for butterfly cupcake cakes and came across your site. I'm looking to do a similar cake to your daughters butterfly "cake". Hope you don't mind me asking, but how big is the cardboard sheet under the cake? It looks like you have about 40 cupcakes or so. Does that sound right?
    Thank you,
    Allison :o)

  4. May I ask what brand of coloring you used for the frosting on the cupcakes, and how you made the color so vibrant? They look fantastic!!