The Harnisch Family

The Harnisch Family

Jan 25, 2011

IFSP & other stuff

We spent most of Saturday out at the Lake.  Thanks for a relaxing day & yummy dinner Mom & Dad.  While it was super fun to be out there during the snow storm (it's so pretty & calm out there this time of year), it was not super fun, however, to drive home during the snow storm!  But we made it.  We arose to 8 new inches of snow the next morning.  NICE!

After a nice relaxing weekend full of "productive nothingness", ...The girls and I had a fun "out.and.about" Monday.  pre-school, "Y", lunch date with Grandpa, Aunt Lisa, Brook & Ally, 4 hours at the Library and Volleyball.
Dad made me take this pic (with my phone) ...little sis trying on big Sis' snow boots!!  looks good Macy!  They're only about 10 sizes too big  :-)  By the time my phone snapped the pic, Kenzie had already pulled off her right boot.  :-(   tehe
Welp.  I had the kiddos all bundled up and ready to head out to the "Y" this morning...when I couldn't help but feel that Macy was burning up. Yup.  Fever's back.  She had a fever for a couple days last week, then it went away.  It's back  :-(  Hopefully it makes a quick and peaceful surrender like last time.

Last Friday, we had a meeting with Macy's Early Intervention Team.  All eight of us (minus a few) circled around Macy on the living room floor.  Binders and pens in hand.  It was time for her 1 Year IFSP.  A year ago, these initials would have meant nothing to me.  Now I know that IFSP stands for "Individualized Family Service Plan".  This is essentially a written document illustrating and detailing the goals set (by us) for Macy.  Her progress is noted regularly at her weekly "at-home" therapy visits and is "documented" semi-annually at these IFSP meetings.  It's nice to have each specific goal / milestone spelled out.  It simply serves as a visual reminder of what we are working towards.  It's comforting to reference it as it makes the entire process a little less overwhelming.  This document serves as a reminder that we are to take everything ONE STEP AT A TIME.  It helps us keep focused and on track.
Each day we go along, we simply "be" and live our lives...Down Syndrome is rarely a blip on the radar.  She is JUST a super happy, healthy, sweet baby girl.  Just that!
But then there are things like this that arise.  Motions we go through with Macy, that we did not have to go through with McKenzie.  It's just another reminder, that Macy is special.  She needs and will always need special attention.  I think it is still difficult for me to FULLY grasp and accept that this will be a LIFE LONG journey. setting goals, achieving goals, celebrating goals reached, etc, etc...
But that is just okay.  Bring it on!
Six months ago we set several goals for our Little Miss Macy.  Our close knit team of therapists laid out (and implemented) a few simple strategies and techniques that would help her acheive these goals and reach certain "age appropriate" developmental milestones.
And DID SHE EVER!?!  I could not be more proud of my little peanut.  Just when I start to perhaps compare her to other little one's her age, and perhaps begin to get a little discouraged with what she's doing, or more specifically "not" doing, we have meetings like this.  Meetings where we discuss (and celebrate) everything she IS doing.  Official notations are made that suggest she is progressing well and RIGHT ON TRACK with the expectations set forth.

Here are a few of her highlights/accomplishments over the last 6 months in specific IFSP areas (as spelled out by Lucy, her Primary Service Provider):
Cognitive Thinking Skills - Macy knows what actions to do with familiar songs including peek-a-boo, patty-cake, sooo big, and row row row your boat.  She also knows when Mom is not around and seeks her out.  Macy is initiating games with adults. She is knocking down blocks after they are stacked.  Macy will imitate rolling a car back and forth on a table, and will use a string to pull objects toward her.

Communication Skills - Macy is making a wide variety of sounds and babbles frequently.  She is sounding out things such as dadada, mama, ah, ugh, baba, making raspberries and clicking her tongue.  She is making sounds to get attention such as a coughing sound, growling or grunting.  Macy reaches for the person she wants and seemingly responds to her name.  She makes good eye contact and is very facially expressive.  Macy has imitated making the sign for dog after it is done.  Starting to imitate tapping her mouth while vocalizing.

Social / Behavior Skills - Macy is very easy to make smile and is very interactive with others.  She has not a problem with a non-familiar person holding her, but she does watch (and not lose sight of) Mom when being held by others.  Macy is very engaging.

Self-Help / Adaptive Skills - Macy is now eating smooth foods as well as solids such as wafers and small puffs.  She participated in oral motor activities with feeding time, and uses much less tongue protrusion when eating.  Macy received liquids through nursing and is not using a bottle or sippy cup at this time.  Macy is able to finger feed small puffs independently.

Fine Motor Skills - Macy explored toys with both of her hands.  She is able to grasp objects of all sizes and is starting to release objects voluntarily.  She is able to transfer toys from one hand to another, bang two objects together and will shake or bang objects on a surface.  She is now able to site in a high chair without supports (just anti-slip material on seat).  Macy is able to pull objects out of a container.  She is able to grasp small puffs and bring them to her mouth.  She uses a raking grasp on thumb side with right hand and a raking grasp on the pinky side with left hand to grasp the puffs.  Macy seems to prefer her right hand for picking up small items and bringing them to her mouth.

Gross Motor Skills - Macy is now able to push up on both arms when on her tummy.  She is able to push up onto hands and knees and rock.  Macy is sitting without support while playing and reaching for toys.  She is starting to move into a side sitting position and lower herself to the floor.  She is using trunk rotation and knee bend to reach over to sides.  Macy is able to stand briefly at a surface while holding on.  She is doing some reciprocal movements with arms/legs in crawling position with support.  Macy is starting to take some steps with hands held.  Macy is able to sit independently on a rocking chair/horse and hold on while being rocked.

Above is a listing of several things she has acheived in the last six months.  THAT's A LOT!  Way to go Macy  :-)
In another post, another day, I will share with you some of the hefty goals we have set for the next 6 to 12 months.

To some, this IFSP stuff may be interpreted as a "technicality"or "boring", etc...but I think it's important.  I feel we owe it to Macy to pay special attention to every detail that is going to contribute to her living a happy, healthy and productive life.  This is one small thing that proves to us that she WILL do just that!!!!!
But for now, friends, I gotta go paint and play stamps with my artsy three year old - "right now pweeze"!   :-)

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  1. I just love that you share all of the goals Macy has achieved so that we can all celebrate along with her.