The Harnisch Family

The Harnisch Family

Jan 27, 2011

Snow, Sledding & Betty the Butterfly!

Today, the the girls and I played outside for a bit with Lauren & Dylan.  We were having a great time and I certainly would have loved to have snapped some shots with my big camera, however, Joe decided to take it with him on his work trip.  Sweet!  :-(

Oh well, have no fear, the trusty iPhone was near!!   :-)
 Macy was very much enjoying the fresh, crisp air  :-)
 Lauren & Dylan shared their little blue sled with Macy.   Awww!

 what a sweet Big Sister!  :-)
 Dylan's turn to "give Macy a ride"...weeee
and no worries, they were moving at a snail's pace!  :-)
 Lauren yelling "I'm on TOP of the World!!!"
Check out Little Miss Macy chillin' in the background.
 Macy taking a little rest under the big pine tree...oops, "she's fallen and can't get back up"
I did eventually assist her back into the upright sitting position, but not before, however, snapping a couple cute photos.  How could I resist??  tehe.

Below is a short video of us sledding down the neighbors awesome hill!
and another...

Oh and speaking of videos...I have a couple more I thought I'd share also!
Below is a clip of Macy rockin' out with Betty the Butterfly.  A B-Day gift from the Mallory' you think she likes it?  I can't tell  :-)
What a HAM!!!

A little more "Betty the Butterfly" action.

One more.  I can't help it.  This video below just CRACKS ME UP!  Since McKenzie turned 3, temper-tantrums and pitty-parties are a daily occurrence.  Below you will witness how Macy is affected, or I guess you could say "unaffected" by her big sister's whiny-ways.  tehe!!
Can't we all have this ability to simply ignore the craziness going on around us  :-)  
Kill 'em with Kindness right Macy!?!?  :-)
That is all...good night my friends!

p.s. -  hope these videos put a little smile on daddy's face, as he's currently out of town on business!

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