The Harnisch Family

The Harnisch Family

Jan 12, 2011

Video footage from Macy's party

Oh my goodness.  I am just sooo thankful for the very kind gift that my friend Emily has given us. 
She shot tons of great footage at Macy's party and is not only sharing it all with us but has put together a wonderful highlight video for us to enjoy and treasure forever.  Can't believe her lightning fast turn-around too.
Emily, from the bottom of my heart, THANKS, you did a fantastic job.  I could NOT have done it better myself!!!!!   :-)

here it is... click here if "full" video is not appearing below...looks like my blog cuts in half some of the time... .

It was also nice of her to give a sweet "shout out" on her blog...Auntie Em's Eyes

here's what she had to say (so it prints in my blog book)
"Today Steve, Olivia and I went to Macy's 1st Birthday Party.  Macy is the daughter of Sherri and Joe Harnisch.  Sherri and I met years ago through my cousin Leah as they were classmates and best friends. 

On December 28th Macy was born and I remember asking Leah how Sherri and the baby were doing not expecting anything else but "fantastic" to come out of her mouth.  Leah broke the news that Macy had Down Syndrome.  At first I didn't know what to say but I do remember saying that if anyone could handle a baby with Down Syndrome Sherri and Joe would be the best parents.  As long as I have known Sherri she has always been upbeat, happy and can turn anything negative in to a positive.  She proved me right.  After today I could see that even though Macy has Down Syndrome they certainly don't treat her like she has it. 

Macy was dressed like a princess in an adorable tutu (made by one of Sherri's friends) with a personalized onesie (made by Sherri) and zebra striped leg warmers.  (Pictured above)  All the decorations and food were hand made and cooked by Sherri and her friends and family.  She definately knows how to throw a party!  Great job Sherri!  Macy is absolutely adorable and you have a beautiful family. 

God Bless!

Emily behind Kenzie, capturing all the special moments of the evening!  :-)
Emily with her beautiful daughter Olivia.

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