The Harnisch Family

The Harnisch Family

Jan 11, 2011

Macy's 1 year Party!! pt. 4 of 5 (the gifts)

Gifts were not I tried to make it clear that "the gift of our friends' presence" was all that Macy would want.  But apparently people had too difficult a time coming to a 1-yr old b-day party without a gift in tow.  okay  :-)
We appreciated ALL of the gifts.  Each and every one was thoughtful and perfect.  Some were store bought, some were hand-made.  Some were fun & cute while others have great "developmental" concepts.  Some were clothes, practical and just plain cute.  Many people also made donations to the Down Syndrome Alliance of the Midlands.
Like I said ALL were appreciated, but I must say, I REALLY LOVED the handmade ones.  Macy sure does have some talented friends who put a lot of time and energy into their creative gifts   :-)
Once the party was over, our family stuck around and helped us clean up and put away all the tables and chairs.  A HUGE thanks for that!!!  There's no way we could have done it alone.  And then, they watched as Macy opened her gifts  :-)
 Miss Danielle folding up the tissue paper nice and neatly.  What a sweetheart!!!  
Dare I let perfectly good tissue paper got to waste...I'm thrifty like that :-)
 Macy thinks this little Slumber Buddies Butterfly is pretty neat!  :-)
 Grandpa Helping Macy tear into her gifts.
 oooh.  what does it dooo?
 A very cute flower canvas from Grandma & Pa Harnisch
 How adorable is this homemade little ensemble from my sweet friend Christina.  oh MY goodness!!
 Of all the gifts she is opening at the moment, what does she choose to be entertained by??  Aunt Keri's keychain.  :-(  sheesh.
 haha - some people gave big sister McKenzie gifts and another person (Toninette) even thought of "big brother" Toby! (the dog) too funny.
 I need to get some pics from Dani too as she was also snapping lots of pics at the party!  :-)
 Some of our friends did not want Macy to wait until the party, so they chose to bring gifts by the house beforehand - a bit closer to Macy's actual day of birth.  how thoughtful  :-)

Thanks again to everyone for the wonderful Birthday presents.  
Love MACY!

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