The Harnisch Family

The Harnisch Family

Jan 3, 2011

T minus 6 days - The party plans are coming together!

6 days until Macy's big party and we couldn't be more excited!!
Our Dining room has turned into craft room/party central.  It may be a few days before we enjoy a sit down meal at the table, but hey I don't care and it's totally worth it!  :-)
I thought I'd give you a little "sneak peak".  
I must say, it's kind of nice to not have a "job" and actually be able to "work" on something FUN!   hehe
alas - homemade B-Day Party decorations!!!
 My friend from college made a banner similar to this for her little girl's 1st Birthday party a few weeks back...thanks for the fun idea Amber!!!  :-)
 The party does not have an "official" theme...but I, for some reason, have become obsessed with PIN-WHEELS.  I can't help it.  I found the directions online (and must admit I was impressed by my craftiness).  They are SOOO stinking adorable!!
I made a quick trip to Hobby lobby (okay, maybe not so quick.  I stood in the scrapbook isle and STARED at all the glorious varieties of paper for well over an hour - I was overwhelmed with delight)...took the materials out to the cabin and had my sisters assist me in some of the labor.
 make paper selections.  fold.  cut.  loop.  insert brad.  repeat.  x 50!  It's addicting.  I hope I have enough.  hehe
 Sea of pin-wheels.
 It was my sister's idea to use these papers with special wording for stems.  way to go Keri!   :-)
 I stumbled across this idea and thought it could be kind of fun to have a "Create your own Trail Mix station"
 Martha Stewart - eat your heart out!

 A bit cheesy perhaps...but I don't care because it is SOO fun I LOOVE it (That's for you Nikki & Bootie - tehe)
 After a morning trip to the "Y" sister Lisa and I had fun wasting away several hours this afternoon playing "arts & crafts".  Brook, Ally, McKenzie and Macy enjoyed watching and "helping" at times too  :-)
 Custom "Happy Birthday Macy" water bottles!!!
Oh photoshop, you are MY FRIEND  :-)
 My niece Danielle is coming over tomorrow to help me tear off the existing labels, cut and hot glue the new "pretty" ones on!  She will help perfect and expedite the tedious process...thanks Dani!!
oh and my niece Erika (bless her heart) offered (out of the blue) to swing by in the morning and take Macy & McKenzie off my hands for a bit so that Dani & I can "focus" on the task at hand.
**** that's all I am going to share prior to the more "sneak peeks" for you blogger friends  :-)

I wanted to leave you with something sweet:
 What's this you ask?  This is Macy "skyping" with Natalie!  Natalie is Erika's BF and college roomate.  She is out of town and was sad that she could not attend the "triple" birthday party, but managed to find a way to kind of "be" there.  SOOO funny!  What a sweet-heart!
Hi Nat!  can you see her in there??  tehe
Natalie is a special young lady.  Not only has she been a good friend to my niece since elementary school, but she looks after our wild child at college.  Natalie is a very good influence for Miss Erika & keeps her grounded  :-)  Natalie also came to meet Little Miss Macy jut hours after she was born.  Erika had already been up to see Macy, she made a "no joke on the time" 12:30am visit to the maternity ward the night before...but came back bright and early the next morning with Natalie...AWWWWW!  They couldn't stay away.  From the beginning, Natalie also has a pretty special connection with Macy as her older sister, Katie, also has Down Syndrome.  
 Natalie & Erika holding Macy.
It was really neat, comforting and amazing actually to witness Natalie hold Macy in her arms that day.  Just hours after learning the news of Macy's extra chromosome.  As you know, we were still in a bit of shock and really had NO idea what to expect, think or feel.  It was comforting to chat with Natalie briefly.  She was pretty much the only person at the moment of whom I knew that had a link to anything DS, and could actually provide us with true-first-hand insights as to what our new journey might be like.  She told and showed me how easy it is to love individuals with Down Syndrome.  Thank you Natalie for being there with us.

 And thank you by showing me with your actions (cuddling here with Macy), that everything was going to be OKAY  :-)  Life can still be "good".  I envy you - not sure if you knew before the impact your short visit left on us!
Good night friends  :-)

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