The Harnisch Family

The Harnisch Family

Oct 31, 2010

countdown to Halloween

Just a few more days before the big day!  McKenzie has been asked about halloween for months.  Not sure why...but she has been talking about it non-stop.  "Is it Halloween?" she'd ask.  "No McKenzie", "Halloween is in October".  "Oh, okay".  "Why?"  
get the picture...

The other day...while the girls and I should have been home resting due to upper-respiratory type colds...
we allowed Aunt Lisa to talk us into a few "Halloween visits".
First we stopped out to Grandma Lee's work @ Boystown.  It would be an understatement to say that her office "went all out" for Halloween this year.  They have been decorating their areas for over a week, very funny & super creative!   :-)
 we posed for a quick pic outside, it was a GORGEOUS day!
 As you can see, Grandma Lee was very excited to have her grand-kiddos pay her a visit in their halloween costumes  :-)
 haha, funny  :-)
Next we ventured out to Vets Home where Grandpa Salisbury is living...we thought, of course, he'd enjoy seeing some of his great grand-babies all dressed up!  He was asleep when we got their, but did not mind the mid-nap interruption.  :-)
 Holding sweet Kitty-cat Macy - getting has been a couple months since we have last paid him a visit.

 Even though he could not be at the Buddy Walk, Macy still thought it was important for him to have his own "Movin' with Macy" shirt.  I agreed  :-)
 We had a very nice visit - he was smiley and cheerful the entire time we were there...we definitely need to make it a point to get out to visit him more often.  It makes me sad to think about how lonely he must get at times.  :-(
Aunt Shelly took this pic of Kenzie.  It was the Pre-school Halloween Party!  She's a "fruity-licious CANDY-CORN".  Joe and I were in Vegas and had to miss Thanks Shelly for going through the motions and GETTING HER THERE!  You rock!  :-)
It's supposed to be fun right?  well, as you can see, Kenzie is not exactly excited about being dropped off in her classroom...she probably was begging Aunt Shelly not to go.  :-(  

She's been doing this a lot lately.  She CRIES before school, acts all SHY before playgroups, WHINES before gymnastics, is CLINGY when I take her to my Volleyball games.  REFUSES to take naps upstairs in her bedroom.  TWISTS & TURNS when I try to brush her hair.  THROWS herself to the ground when she does not get her way.  uggh.  Really?  What is your problem kid?  oh yeah, you're 3.  Well SNAP OUT OF IT ALREADY!  Soon enough, soon enough.  
In the mean time, Joe and I are just trying to stay strong.  We know that there is no ONE way to handle any given scenerio, but we try to be as consistent with how we handle her.  She is, afterall,  just testing us.

During these "toddler temper tantrum" moments I try to tell myself, we are not alone, surely all kids go through this phase.  right?  And remind myself that they do eventually grow out of it...I often think of and connect with the Trace Adkins Song "You're Gonna Miss This"...try to take his lyrics to heart, because I'm sure he's right...but it's so HARD sometimes!  :-(

This is the verse that really gets me!
Five years later there's a plumber workin' on the water heater
Dog's barkin', phone's ringin'
One kid's cryin', one kid's screamin'
She keeps apologizin'
He says they don't bother me
I've got 2 babies of my own
One's 36, one's 23
Huh, it's hard to believe

But you're gonna miss this

You're gonna want this back
You're gonna wish these days hadn't gone by so fast
These are some good times
So take a good look around
You may not know it now
But you're gonna miss this
You're gonna miss this
Yeah, you're gonna miss this


Our Godtwins' baptism

Last Sunday was a glorious day!  Not because that's the day we left for Vegas...but because that's the morning Neeley & Grady, being the children of God that they are, were baptized.  It was beautiful.  All went well. 
 Me, Grady, Joe, Bethany, Jason, Becca, Neeley & Jeremy
The four of us feel extremely blessed to have been chosen as God Parents to these delightful angels.  What an honor, thanks Ja & Bethany  :-)
 Below are some pics that Aunt Jess took at the celebration brunch back at the house.  I'm "borrowing" them as they are too cute not to share :-)
 Grady & Neeley posing by their cake  :-)  Are they not the most adorable???
 Grandpa Harnisch & Mason  - LOVE this shot!
 Sam (2&3/4) & Mason (3&1/2).  COUSINS!
 Aunt Jess and sweet little Neeley  :-)
Macy (10 months) with her baby cousin Harrison (5&1/2 months)  they were playing so sweet by each other!  They'll be good friends indeed.  :-) 

(The day was perfect, Well aside from the near disaster that took place minutes before the service was to begin.  Ja & Grady were no where to be found.  We learned that Grady had decided to "explode" up his back all the way up to his hair.  Of all times right?  Just when they are all decked out in white and about to "be in the spotlight".  hehe.  Go figure.  But Ja handled it perfectly and took care of the "situation" swiftly.  We would not have even known about this "near disaster" had he not told us afterward.  Good job daddy!  :-)  His Car seat had to be left outside the church and "hosed down" later on back home.  sorry guys, but this story is WAY too funny not to share!   :-)

Vegas Baby

We're back!
You know what they say "What Happens in Vegas...Stays in Vegas"...except for colds...I think I managed to bring home a little cold "souvenir".  Both girls have a case of the yuckies too.  NO FUN! :-(  Hence the reason for my delayed blog posting.
We had a great time in fabulous Las Vegas.  This town is incredible, as you know there are a kabillion-thousand things to do.  One could be overwhelmed by it all...I however was far from overwhelmed.  I have been here a few times before and decided not to go the "tourist" route.  I simply wanted to "be" here and soak up any tidbit of "relaxation" I could find.  We were, after-all, kid FREE!  

These five words pretty much sum up the trip...Eat, drink, sleep, read, and Black-Jack.  

While we were away, McKenzie had SOO much fun sleeping over at her cousins (Ash, Autumn & Mason) house.  Thank you Shelly, Gordy (and Gayle) for keeping Kenzie in line for us...she's still filling us in on her little adventure.  Macy, in the mean time, enjoyed hanging out with Grandma & Grandpa Lee.  Nothing but relaxation for these guys  :-)  Oh and Toby, how could we forget our first born?  He crashed the Mallory's house where he was cared for and very much loved.  THANKS GUYS!  Because I knew our "littles" were in such good hands, we could truly escape and have a "much-needed" mommy & daddy vacation.  
100% vaca for me...and 50% vaca for Joe (he had an AICPA conference to attend during the days).  :-(  I was VERY much okay with my "alone" time during the day.  But are you ever really "alone" in Las Vegas?  

Our plane descended upon Vegas Sunday evening to this stunning sunset.
   I took this pic because I knew my dad would appreciate it  :-)
It's funny how small the strip looks from here...if you've ever been to Vegas,  you know that it's anything BUY small!
 Brian, Randy, Jeremy & Joe (these are a few of his co-worker buddies).  We all stayed out pretty late a few of the nights winning (and losing) at the tables.  fun times, fun times!  :-)
 We stayed at Ceasar's Palace...which is absolutely magnificent.
 "I'm sure you get this a lot.  But is the really Caesar's Palace?"  "I mean did Caesar REALLY live here?"...didn't think so.
 Sad really.  but refreshing to know that he had a sense of humor at least.
 Many people have asked "did you see any shows?"
 The answer is NO.  Yes, there is an overwhelming amount of amazing talent in Vegas & awesome shows etc... but who needs that?  Why would I need to pay bucca bucks when there is so much free (aside from tips) stuff going on here at every turn?
 Plus, I'd so much rather lose my hard earned money at the black-jack tables or eating some fancy foods, than at some high falooten super expensive Vegas "show"...I'm just being honest  :-)  I'm impressed actually, at how far I managed to spread the little cash we came here with.  I didn't go broke until noon our last day.  not bad, not bad!
 I actually really enjoyed stopping and listening to several of these "street musicians"...a few of the songs they were playing, of which I was really connecting with, were "Let it Be", "True Colors" and "Time in a Bottle".  I was in no hurry to get anywhere  :-)  It felt good to put bills into these very talented musicians buckets!

 I drank some good coffee and spent several hours read my book here at this cute coffee shop at Caesars  :-)
 I think it was all the pink that had me feeling very much "at home"!

 umm, the pool areas here at Caesar's are sweet!  I bet it's awesome here during the warm summer months!
 Joe would have LIKED to have spent a little more time here at this part of Caesar's.

 Another Michael Jackson sighting...
 This is what you get when you ask some random stranger to take your photo.  nice cropping eh?  (I actually kind of like it, he chopped out my double chin, kinda flattering actually...hehe)

 Watching the Bellagio Fountains from a restaurant across the street.  I loved how this photo turned out with the dramatic silhouettes  :-)
 um yep.  That's me and the one & only VANILLA ICE!  baby.  he he
he was hanging out at our hotel.  :-)
 Joe and Jeremy catching some rays on our last day...before having to leave for the airport

 As you can imagine I do not get much "reading time" at home, so I was really excited to be able to do a lot of it here  :-)
 Good bye Palm trees!  :-(

I miss is fabulously beautiful - except, of course, for the fact that this town STINKS!  Never again will I take for granted our fine state law which prohibits smoking in public places.  Nebraska really is "The Good Life"  :-)  Very refreshing actually.

Oct 27, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

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Oct 23, 2010

a little fall porch swing fun

Fall is in full swing and what better way to enjoy a beautiful fall day than hanging out on the front porch with my two best friends.  (Yes, I still consider Kenzie my best friend even though she has been giving me a pretty hard time as of late...but I am just chalking this up to a 3-year-old PHASE, of which she will hopefully grow out of very soon - I HOPE!) 

So, in any case, here are some pics of her angelic sister (the one who ALWAYS loves me & claims me) swinging in her favorite swing  :)

I mostly needed to post these pics so that I would have something to look at while on the plane tomorrow.  Joe and I are off to a Vegas!  I'm so looking forward to a little getaway with my hubby.  These pics will make me smile and will get me through at least a few days  :-)  I am excited about having some time to myself while Joe attends his AICPA conference during the days.  I am also very much looking forward to eating a meal (hopefully several scrumptious meals) in peace without little girls pleading for my attention.  ugggh - that's so frustrating!

Before we leave for our trip, I am looking forward to my niece and nephew's baptism tomorrow.  It'll be a big day for Neeley Grace and Grady Dean.  Joe and I are the twin's God Parents and we both feel extremely honored!
below are a couple cards I made for them earlier today  :)
 I looked it up...and learned that Grady stands for:  Child of Nobility
And sweet Neeley's name stands for: Champion and Passionate.   :-)  fitting.