The Harnisch Family

The Harnisch Family

Oct 14, 2010

Farm Playdate

The other day the girls and I hopped in the car and headed a "country mile" towards Arlington. We wanted to join some of the other Down Syndrome Mommas for a playdate at the farm. Chistina prepared a fabulously delicious lunch for all of us (she's quite the gourmet)...and we enjoyed catching up and swapping Buddy Walk stories...We all saw each other at the walk, but that day was so crazy we did not have a chance to really talk.
Baby Claire (4 month old also in the extra chromosome club) and Macy chit chat in their carseats while us mommy's eat :-)
The is the lovely and super sweet Violet - thanks for inviting us all over to play at your house!
The big kids have a fun time cookin' in the playroom.
Lindsey, little Evie and Christina
What's so funny? :-)
Romper room

Vollen, Kenzie, Violet (and that's Macy down in the corner) :-)
Christina, I am SOO sorry that my child is jumping on the furniture...geeeesh. Last time we get invited to a playdate. :-( hehe
Me and Casie....and YIPPEEEE! She is having another baby boy and we are SOO excited for her :-)
feel free to check out Casie's blog and Christina's Blog ...they took some pics too.

What is this you ask??
This is a little something that Macy's crazy (uhhem..I mean AMAZING) Grandpa Lee concocted for us. He took a look around his workshop and created a special swing (much like the swing contraption we use at Macy's Therapy) This swinging, spinning, bouncing and rolling around motions are invaluable and really gets her motivated and excited about moving around, etc...we will use some of this "equipment" to help facilitate and encourage her to work a little harder and have a little more fun while doing it :-)
With my dad's help, Joe and I are going to create a therapy room downstairs for little Macy. where we can also work in some sensory integration stuff, fine tune & enhance all (or at least most) areas of gross and fine motor development. So we are going to move Joe's office/workout room to another area in the basement :-) There are many swings, hammocks, etc that we can fabricate at home - just need some hook, ropes, chains, fabrics, platforms, etc... This will be especially handy this winter and will make our Early Intervention home therapy visits all the more productive.
I am super inspired and very excited about getting her new therapy room all situated. This will also be a room that can "grow" with her, we'll just modify it as she grows and conquers new skills & abilities. Now that she is really starting to be active and "on the move", I look forward to learning and implementing as much as possible with her. We'd perhaps go down and "excercise" in her therapy room for about 15 minutes, twice a day...probably while big sis is napping :-)

I am open to ideas or suggestions in regards to making this "therapy room" as productive, efficient, safe and as fun as possible (and a little economical perhaps)...I know our therapists will offer up some constructive advice too.

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