The Harnisch Family

The Harnisch Family

Oct 18, 2010

Ponca (part 4)

Stunning Sunrise photos on day taken by my mom & dad.
simply breath-taking.

"hurray, it's a new day!"
 a shot of our cabin from across the lake
 taking a walk...what nice weather we had...we were SOO lucky!
Last morning at Ponca
 Joe took off by himself to get a few sunrise shots.
 The Missouri River...this is the point where three states interconnect.

 Dad and Macy watching the sunrise from inside the cabin.  (ha, she's signing mom...kind of...but not really)   :-)
 Lisa reading the morning paper.
 Grandpa and his girl  :-)  this might be my favorite pic from the whole trip!
 This is how Keri packs from the weekend...very gently inserts Colton's very DIRTY shoes into the trash can. one too many dirt hills...  bu-bye.
 McKenzie says "hey, don't forget my pumpkin!"
I mentioned earlier that the secret of "Ponca's Hallowfest" must have gotten out...well here's more proof...These are the photos on the front page of Sunday's Omaha World Herald (Midland section).  Yay for Ponca!   :-)
Fun times, fun times.  Can't wait until next year!
Now I just need to go unpack our some laundry...just so that I can repack our bags for next weekend.  Joe and I are headed to...Vegas baby!  oh yeah...NO KIDS!  I am SOOO looking forward to adult time, just a few days of only needing to worry about and take care of ourselves...nice.  :-)

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