The Harnisch Family

The Harnisch Family

May 31, 2010

Sunsets, bonfires and boatrides

We enjoyed a gorgeous, fiery sunset Sunday night
I LOVE my babies :-)
Isn't the reflection on the water beautiful? I thought so too :)
Macy and Grandma heading over to join the rest of the gang for a bonfire.
Grandpa & Macy having an interesting exchange.
Not only was it a nice night for a fire weatherwise, we always enjoy good live music. Across the street from our cabin are two venues who usually have live bands (The Backporch Lounge and the Corral). We can hear them very well when we are sitting by the fire. Last night our neighbor's band was actually playing. On the Fritz. They are AWESOME!! Thanks for the great music Wayne :-)
Cool pic dad
Me and my momma...she looks thrilled doesn't she?
This is a long story, so I won't get into it. There were some cool unidentified flying, fiery objects floating in the sky, so my cousin Sean got out the telescope to try and get a closer look.
As you can see, Sean and Mason are BAFFLED! We all were. Until the mystery was later solved while taking a boatride...
What a beautiful night for a cruise...Macy's FIRST boatride!!! She loved it.
But I LOVED it more...I loved snuggling with her. It was sooo relaxing.
It was such a beautiful and lovely ride snuggling with my BEST friend. I couldn't help but tear up a little.

Memorial Day 2010

We spent a wonderful couple of days out at the lake. It was the first time sleeping over in Woodcliff this year. We had a cabin full...just the way it is meant to be :-) Us Harnisches, Grandma & Grandpa Lee, Great Grandma Salisbury, Uncle Ken and Aunt Mary, Renae, Mason, Ryan, Ally (and the future Salisbury grandbaby) and Sean (oh and 2 of his friends too) all the company and great conversations! Missed my sisters and their families this weekend...they were are pretty busy and were unable to come out. understandable...there will be more weekends :-)McKenzie sure does LOVE to diiiiggggg!
Can Mommy help you? "You do it like this mommy"
Give the kid a bucket and a shovel and she'll dig for a while...add a hose to the equation and the kid will be entertained for hours & hours!
oh the concentration :) I just loved watching her play. Quite the imagination Kenzie has.
Me & My Grandma
Daddy and his girls chillaxin'
It was a beautiful morning at the lake!
Time for a nap. This was just one of 3 Daddy and Macy naps today. One out here on the swing. Another on the living room couch. And yet another on a porch couch. Macy is SUCH a cuddlebug. :-)
This is what it's really ALL about. You just can't relax like this at home.
Sure, it can be kind of a hassle and stressful to get the bags and coolers packed. Get the everyone loaded up in the family "truckster", get on the road and travel 20 miles westbound to Woodcliff lake. But once we are out here, we can simply BE. It is very very relaxing! Sun, Sand, Good food, drinks and card games - hours of Shanghai Rummy baby, that's our game of choice! We are looking forward to many more relaxing weekends out at the lake. Thanks Mom & Dad! We are blessed to have such a fantastic getaway so close to home :-)

p.s. - Macy had her bikini on for most of the day today and you'd think I would have snapped a few pics...I didn't :-( uugggh we were too busy swimming to take pics this afternoon. will have to get some another time!

May 28, 2010

Macy is 5 months old today!

Our little Miss Macy is five whole months old how time flies!! :-)
I have not been able to blog for a while, life (and work) have been just WAAAY too busy - always on the run it seems, plus daddy is in Estes fly-fishing with his twin, which means I'm flying solo with these girlies (I'm outnumbered!!!)...but I did manage to capture a few photos of Little Miss Macy just before heading out to cousin Ally's 2-year B-Day Party. I figured she was all dressed up with somewhere to go, so let's shoot a couple pics...okay 15 :-)

Don't-chya just love her rolls??!? She's turning into quite the "pillsbury dough-boy" baby. She's definitely a healthy eater. We've got to be sure to get inside each and every crevice during bath time :-) So CUUUTE Macy...don't worry, you'll grow into it, your big sister McKenzie went through this exact same phase...tehe :-) I love chunky babies. You've come a long way from that 5 pound munchkin' we brought home 5 short months ago :-)
I was so excited to see how well Macy was doing in her Bumbo chair! Prior to today she would be pooped out after a couple minutes. It is just so much work to keep her head up. I know I shouldn't compare, but I recall McKenzie mastering the Bumbo by 3 months old... :-( really, though...I am SOOO proud of little Miss Macy's progress, all in all she is doing what any typical baby is doing at 5 months of age (recent highlights include giggling and rolling over - whoohoo!), so we are truly counting our blessings :-)
She has found her fingers...the thumb wins over most of the time :-)
I love how this shot shows off her super long eye-lashes.
oh so innocent...I can't help but think she looks like her Aunt Keri's baby pictures in this above photo.
oops, starting to lean forward a little bit...wrap it up mommy...
Check out those perfect piggies
I'm sure my next post will include some pics from Erika's Graduation party, cousin Mason's and Ally's B-Day parties. maybe my friend Heather's wedding. and LOTS of pics from out at the lake. We are celebrating Memorial Day out at Woodcliff with the fam.
Hope you all have a great and SAFE Memorial Day weekend!

May 23, 2010

Let's go to School!

Macy and I were finally able to pay Grandma Harnisch a visit at her school in Fremont. Lynette's been itchin' and so has Macy. It's the end of the school year, so they had to start taking down all of the classroom decorations...but as you can see...there is still time before Lynette is forced to take down her beloved grandchildren photos! :-) How sweet is this??
Lynette had a career as a Home Health Care nurse, she retired several years ago. She was requested, due to her nursing background, to help a young girl who had Spina Bifida and required not only educational assistance, but medical assistance. She was there with Tiffany through most of her schooling. Tiffany has since graduated and Lynette could not have been more proud!! I always loved hearing Lynette's stories about how Tiffany was getting along. Tiffany sure was lucky to have such a genuinely sincere person caring for her while she was at school just trying to be a typical kid. I always had respect for what Lynette did, but Today MORE THAN EVER I appreciate the role that Para's like Lynette play in the lives of children who just need a little extra guidance and assistance. Thank you Lynette and all other Para's out there for doing what you do! Because of you I am confident that my Little Miss Macy will be able to go to school and have a typical school experience with her peers. Sure, she will need some help in many areas, but I am not worried about that. I hope and pray that when Macy finally goes to school she will be lucky enough to have teachers and para's with at least a fraction of the love and compassion that Lynette has for the kiddos she works with!
Here are some photos of our visit :-)

This is Angie, the teacher Lynette helps. She teaches ELL.
Macy and Mrs. Ross
A couple of the school's special education teacher's wanted to meet out little Macy.
A few more teachers who wanted to meet Macy! The gal holding Macy was especially sweet. Her parents adopted a 14 month baby boy who had Down Syndrome. Her brother is now 42 years old and doing very well! I loved hearing her stories! :-)
Now, we've gotta get ready for church, followed by Cousin Erika's H.S. graduation party, followed by cousin Mason's 3 year Birthday party. It'll be a full day full of family fun!