The Harnisch Family

The Harnisch Family

Feb 26, 2011

26 down...2 more to go...

...Till this month is over that is.  February in Nebraska is always hard.  It's the same.old.same.old year in and year out.  After many blustery, dark & snowy months, February comes along and seems to last forever.  Thank goodness someone decided to make February last only 28 days (sometimes 29).  Now if only that "someone" could pull a few strings and just cancel February all together.  We just don't need it.  Or perhaps we could do as the bears and just hibernate all month long.  Sure, February has a few highlights - it brings Valentines Day and Girl Scout Cookies, but on top of that, not much else.  I'm sure there are some stats out there that indicate suicide rates spike in February or perhaps the diagnosis' of depression is heightened.  I don't know, just a thought.  Thank goodness Nielsen Media Research has isolated February to be one of it's four months to measure television ratings (Sweeps months are Feb, May, July & Nov).  At least there is something good on the tube!
To add salt to the wound Mother Nature decides to tease us and sprinkle in a few random mild days.  Everyone celebrates and gets a hint of vitamin D, only to be slapped in the face the very next day with yet another winter-weather advisory of sorts. Mother Nature can be very cruel at times, ESPECIALLY in February.  I'm a big girl, I get it.  This is and always has been reality in Nebraska, but I am finding these cruel mother-nature temperature swings especially difficult to explain to my 3-year old.  She doesn't understand why we can't go outside and ride her scooter and make hop-scotch sidewalk chalk boards all over the driveway all day today just like yesterday.  ugggghh.  This is when cabin fever starts to set in for the little ones - so we just need to get a little creative and find reasons to get out of the house.  No big deal.
Okay, enough of my wining rant...I'm sure many of you "warm-climate" readers are thinking to your self.  "Stop your bitchin' and just move if you hate the dreary Nebraska weather so much".  But you see that's the thing.  Contrary to popular belief people who live in the midwest (the majority of us anyway) actually LOVE the wide-ranging, often unpredictable weather patterns.  We thrive on it.
I LOVE the changing of the seasons.  Every few months mother nature gives us something NEW to look forward to.  I love changing out the decor, wardrobes and moods to reflect the upcoming season.  Once one season starts to get old, a new one comes along and lifts our spirits.  My absolute favorite changing of seasons is of course Winter to Spring.  well...actually...I'm not really too sure about that...Summer to Fall is pretty amazing as well...and now that I think about it...Winter's not all that bad...I think it perhaps lasts one month too long that's all.  So, back to my original point.   Let's all just CANCEL February.  Grab some good books, the remote control, your iPhone, Great-Grandmother made quilts and cuddle with your loved ones.  Close your eyes, rest your weary souls, lay low, hibernate and allow February to simply go through it's motions and be over with already.
But no worries - All is good in the Harnisch House - we have enough to keep us busy  :-)
 here are a few pics taken throughout the month of "soon-to-be over" February that have not yet made the blog.
 McKenzie digging in the snow cave near our front porch.
It was taller than her at one point...but it had melted down by the time we got out to get this photo.
 Kenzie and the Cooke kids (Brook and Ally) hibernating inside on a cold winter day...watching Veggietales  :-)
THIS is how you have a lazy day!
The Cooke's tend to come over and crash our lazy days a lot...which works out quite well for me I must say!  Keeps McKenzie occupied and entertained  :-)
The Lisa and I can just chill while the kids play.
so you know how Macy's been rockin' a new look.  2 piggies instead of the regular 1.
Well, I must say that when she pulls them out, her hair is wilder and crazier than EVER!  haha
 So instead of the usual "mohawk" bed-head look, she's got the "horned look" going on instead  :-)
impossible to tame.
here's a side profile from up above.  nice!
she seems to like it just fine...
 The other day Grandpa and his longtime buddy Bill stopped over.  The girls LOVED him!  Mostly they were fascinated by his beard.  McKenzie was really watching him...Grandpa kept telling her that he was Santa Clause, and I really think she was "thinking" about believing him.  ha
 I've known Bill my whole life...he moved away, so it has been 10+ years since I last saw him.  It was really nice to catch up the other day while he was back in town.
The other day two friends had babies, so the girls and I ventured out to go meet them.  McKenzie was super excited and kept telling me how "little they were".  Colby Patrick Bluvas was born Monday.  And, pictured above, Ronan Patrick Schlueter was born the next day.  Both baby boys are adorable and are doing well  :-)  
quick side note:  just as we were leaving the hospital to go sister Lisa called and asked us to quickly meet her at the Emergency Room of another hospital in town.  Little Ally fell on the bleachers at gymnastics, (we picked up Brook so he didn't have to hang out in the ER) three stapes in the head later and she's back to her spunky little self!

Feb 25, 2011

Kenzie and Anna Banana

My lovely niece Anna just turned four!  I thought it would be fun to have her over to play for the day and of course take a few pics to commemorate this "milestone" year.  :)
As you can see in the photos below, the girls were having SOO much fun!
 Is she beautiful or what?
 Soooo BIG!
 What a little cheeseball :)
 Nice catch!
 Quite the angel indeed  :-)
 Anna was all about making up her own poses!
 What a DIVA!
 "I believe I can Fly"
 Pointing at Grandpa..."Grandpa did it" she said!
 Now McKenzie jumps in...she's pointing at silly Grandpa too!
 I asked them to make their MEANEST faces and this is what I got  :-)
 I told Anna to make her silliest face.  What a Doll!
 Kenzie is a few months away from being four!
 My mini-photoshoot was supposed to be just Anna, but of course McKenzie wanted in on the action too!  OKAY  :-)
 LOVE these ones!

 So sweet.
 Again...they came up with all the poses themselves.  As if they would actually listen to me!
 Just ask Grandpa. He was there.  He'll tell you.  These little hand gestures were their idea  :-)
 Crazy Grandpa was instructing them to pick their noses.
 hahaha!  And so they did.  But they didn't really know why he thought it was so funny.
I love this one.  Such pretty girlies  :-)
Macy's turn!
She was starting to get a little jealous, so Grandpa plopped her down for a quick shot.
What a FUN day we had  :-)
Started off with Mom's Group, then lunch at Sam & Louie's, photoshoot, playtime time, gymnastics, dinner at the Mallory's, home, BED!
Night all.

Feb 19, 2011

Born This Way - GREAT SONG!!

I came across this today, and it moved me to tears (thanks for sharing Amanda).  You must watch.
I have replayed it 7+ times and every time I cry.  A good cry!  I love this song, it has a powerful, moving and inspirational message.  I could listen to it ALL day.
It belongs to Lady Gaga, but I must say I especially love watching and hearing this young girl sing it. She is amazingly talented and has such a sweet and crisp clear voice -  love her facial expressions too.

Lady Gaga's "Born This Way" - performed by Maria

It definitely leaves you
I'm quite certain this song (or at least parts of it) will be in Macy's next scrapbook video.  Perhaps her 2yr B-Day video  :-) 

Here are just a few of the lyrics that jumped out of her mouth and tugged at my heartstrings:

"...My mama told me when I was young
We are all born superstars..."

"...There's nothin' wrong with lovin' who you are"
She said, "'Cause He made you perfect, babe"
"So hold your head up, girl and you you'll go far,
Listen to me when I say..."

"...I'm beautiful in my way,
'Cause God makes no mistakes
I'm on the right track, baby
I was born this way..."

"...Don't hide yourself in regret,
Just love yourself and you're set
I'm on the right track, baby
I was born this way..."

"...Whether you're broke or evergreen
You're black, white, beige, chola descent
You're lebanese, you're orient
Whether life's disabilities
Left you outcast, bullied or teased
Rejoice and love yourself today
'Cause baby, you were born this way..."

Feb 18, 2011

P.T. Crashers, GEESE & Butterflies!

This morning Macy & Vollen crashed Brady's Early Intervention appointment (and brought their big sisters along).  He had his Physical Therapist, Occupational Therapist & and an OT student over this morning.  It made for a FUN and very productive "playdate"  :-)  They played with big balloons and awesome super-strong bubbles.
 The OT student, Vollen, Sophie and Brady.
 I love how B-Man has his arm around Sophie.  "She's my girl".  :-)
 Macy got a kick out of the big balloons too.
  I got such a kick out of watching Vollen & Brady interact with each other.  What good buddies they are  :-)
 Silly girls!
I wanted to take a picture of these guys as they were heading out the door, as this is the last time I will see them before their new addition.  Baby Boy Ronan is due to arrive no later than next Tuesday.  Just a few more days before they are a family of five.  YIKES!!!  Can't wait to meet him soon!!!
After our morning get together, we decided to pay the Geese a visit @ Boys Town.  We tried to get Grandma Lee to join us (as this is where she works), but she was too busy.  BUMMER!  Maybe next time  :-)
 Macy thought those geese were pretty funny.
 McKenzie had a riot throwing Puffs their way.
 "HERE, CATCH!  I HAVE A TREAT FOR YOU"  she yelled  :-)
 I plopped Macy down on the wet ground. She didn't seem to mind.  She had a good old time playin' in the dirt.  It's good for her right?
The girls doing what McKenzie called the "Goose dance"...otherwise know as "Ring Around the Rosie"
 Yes, this IS what it looks like!  Macy is WALKING.  When you hold her hands (like this) she just goes and goes and goes.  She's like the energizer bunny.  She keeps getting faster and faster every day!
 McKenzie says "Look at me! I'm flying high in the sky like the geese"
 ooops.  My BAD!  I was having so much fun playing with Kenzie that I didn't even notice this little stinker-but was eating the dirt.  A few minutes ago she was simply playing nice in it...but now she was shoveling it in by the fist-ful.  aagggh!  had to do a finger sweep to get it all out.  :-(  
No worries, she was fine!
 here's a pic after I wiped her face.
 It's hard to tell, but she is SQUIRMING so hard here trying to get out of my hands and back down to the dirt.  Girl, you are CRAZY!!  and clearly starving.  okay, time to go home.
 three hour we come!
While Macy was snoozing inside, we played out in the driveway all afternoon with the Cookes. 
 We had some fun making sidewalk Chalk Butterflies!
Allie (and Jessie) held still and played along the best.
 McKenzie wouldn't hold still....she was a little wiggle-worm.
 Brook the time we'll make something cooler for you bud.  hehe
Ally says "Jessie's turn".   ha!