The Harnisch Family

The Harnisch Family

Feb 18, 2011

It's a beautiful Day...Let's all go to the ZOO!

 Upper 60' NEBRASKA!  It's a beautiful day the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad...and go to the ZOO!
My sisters and I loaded up all the kids and headed downtown to the Nation's #1 zoo...Pretty sure the whole town was there too.  And why wouldn't they be??  I ran into several friends with their little ones, fun day  :-)
 McKenzie and Macy sitting on the Orangutan's lap
 lunch time

 Macy chowing down on Aunt Keri's subway.
 checking out the peacock...
 Dylan and Dalton stuck in a web
 Kenzie & Anna posing by the RR crossing sign.
 I surprised Anna was having so much fun as she has a severe fear of trains.  :-)
 splashin' in the puddles
 now why on earth didn't I put McKenzie's boots on today.  She wears them every other day, so of all days, why not TODAY!!   arrgh  :-(  Anna was having fun with hers though!

 It didn't take long before McKenzie joined in anyway.  boots or no boots

 "Mommt, I see you"!
 "I spy with my little eye" McKenzie said...
 McKenzie LOVED all the people watching the zoo had to offer  :-)
 lovely...oh well...what are ya gonna do??
 in the aquarium
 some of the big kids (especially Landon) thought Macy was more entertaining than the stingrays and sharks.  hehe
 looking at some bright fishies in blue water!
 Little Landon was so sweet and just LOVIN' on Macy.  He is going to be a big brother very VERY soon.  :-)
 This is when silly Ally stuck her finger into the Mach ah exhibit and got chomped on!  ooops
 There's the culprit
 She was NOT happy!  But her finger's still in she learned a good lesson today...
 Macy was witness to the "attack" she learned a good lesson too (and got a chuckle)  :-)
 Dalton and the baby elephant
 oh Anna, you're so pretty  :-)
 Me & my babe!
 McKenzie saying "momma, you're gonna fall".  with a BIG smile on her face.  STINKER!
 We didn't get to see the real butterflies today  :-(  Not sure why, but it was closed...hmmm.  maybe next time.
 Ally & Macy...I LOVE her silly expression here.  too funny!  What ARE you thinking about kid?
 Macy lost her am I not surprised.  But she didn't seem to mind one bit  :-)
 What would have been a very nice "Witt Family" portrait until McKenzie crashed it.  haha
 Our crew!
 Ally, McKenzie, Anna, Danielle, Macy, Dalton, Dylan & Brook.
Unfortunately both Colton and Erika had school  :( you think she's loved by her aunts??
 I can't tell  :-)
 Thanks Henry Doorly we like your zoo  :-)
After the zoo we took a quick power nap.  I swapped Macy for Danielle and we ventured to gymnastics a yummy ice cream treat afterwards.   In february??  YES!
p.s. - oh and the night before Kenzie had her good friend Sarah over for a sleepover party.  The two girls were sooo good and had soooo much fun.  And yes, they were in bed by 8:15pm.  nice, I'd say it was a success  :-)


  1. Henry Doorly Zoo...Photo Op for the best collection in the world of most of God's creatures...Photographer's Focus Contest results...Animals.0...Fish.0...Birds.1...
    Children.254...Winner by far...Children are the most fascinating of all of God's creatures!!! Love Grandpa

  2. CUTE CUTE pics of your girls!!! Looks like you guys had so much fun!