The Harnisch Family

The Harnisch Family

Feb 18, 2011

P.T. Crashers, GEESE & Butterflies!

This morning Macy & Vollen crashed Brady's Early Intervention appointment (and brought their big sisters along).  He had his Physical Therapist, Occupational Therapist & and an OT student over this morning.  It made for a FUN and very productive "playdate"  :-)  They played with big balloons and awesome super-strong bubbles.
 The OT student, Vollen, Sophie and Brady.
 I love how B-Man has his arm around Sophie.  "She's my girl".  :-)
 Macy got a kick out of the big balloons too.
  I got such a kick out of watching Vollen & Brady interact with each other.  What good buddies they are  :-)
 Silly girls!
I wanted to take a picture of these guys as they were heading out the door, as this is the last time I will see them before their new addition.  Baby Boy Ronan is due to arrive no later than next Tuesday.  Just a few more days before they are a family of five.  YIKES!!!  Can't wait to meet him soon!!!
After our morning get together, we decided to pay the Geese a visit @ Boys Town.  We tried to get Grandma Lee to join us (as this is where she works), but she was too busy.  BUMMER!  Maybe next time  :-)
 Macy thought those geese were pretty funny.
 McKenzie had a riot throwing Puffs their way.
 "HERE, CATCH!  I HAVE A TREAT FOR YOU"  she yelled  :-)
 I plopped Macy down on the wet ground. She didn't seem to mind.  She had a good old time playin' in the dirt.  It's good for her right?
The girls doing what McKenzie called the "Goose dance"...otherwise know as "Ring Around the Rosie"
 Yes, this IS what it looks like!  Macy is WALKING.  When you hold her hands (like this) she just goes and goes and goes.  She's like the energizer bunny.  She keeps getting faster and faster every day!
 McKenzie says "Look at me! I'm flying high in the sky like the geese"
 ooops.  My BAD!  I was having so much fun playing with Kenzie that I didn't even notice this little stinker-but was eating the dirt.  A few minutes ago she was simply playing nice in it...but now she was shoveling it in by the fist-ful.  aagggh!  had to do a finger sweep to get it all out.  :-(  
No worries, she was fine!
 here's a pic after I wiped her face.
 It's hard to tell, but she is SQUIRMING so hard here trying to get out of my hands and back down to the dirt.  Girl, you are CRAZY!!  and clearly starving.  okay, time to go home.
 three hour we come!
While Macy was snoozing inside, we played out in the driveway all afternoon with the Cookes. 
 We had some fun making sidewalk Chalk Butterflies!
Allie (and Jessie) held still and played along the best.
 McKenzie wouldn't hold still....she was a little wiggle-worm.
 Brook the time we'll make something cooler for you bud.  hehe
Ally says "Jessie's turn".   ha!

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