The Harnisch Family

The Harnisch Family

Feb 1, 2011

Grandpa Feeding therapy

Macy's favorite therapist (Grandpa Lee) braved the icy conditions and stopped in for an impromptu visit yesterday.  His timing is always impeccable...right when Macy is hungry and ready to eat.  This is no coincidence, I'm pretty sure he plans this.  So of course, by all means, feed the kid!  :-)
I pride myself on being a "clean feeder".  Reward to me, is finishing a Macy feeding session and being able to reuse the bib, and not have to soak the highchair tray.  Macy has become such a good, clean eater.  I just LOVE IT!  
But, this is not exactly how Grandpa Lee rolls.  He would prefer she go ALL in.  And by all in, I mean, hands, nose, ears, cheeks, feet and if she's lucky, she gets a little food in her mouth.  Toby stands by (under the highchair) and wait patiently for his droppings. 
Watching makes me cringe, so I tend to keep my distance.  I mean COME ON!!  At LEAST make an ounce of effort to KEEP it in her mouth.  Every time, he is "mid-feed" and I immediately regret not stripping her down first.  It's too late now, make note for next time...
I have heard that allowing them to get messy and feel the various textures on their face and hands is actually good for them.  Stimulates their senses, reminds them that their cheeks are there, etc...okay, I get it.  I am not the best at allowing this (it gives me anxiety), so I am glad that Grandpa Lee comes over to expose her to this "Messy Sensory Therapy".
 Black & White, while cute, just doesn't serve the "mess" justice...
I must give my dad some credit...she sure IS having a GREAT time  :-)
Showing off her two new "teefers".  :-)
2 down...18 more to go!
 And check this out!  After a while, he got her to feed herself.  After a few minutes of teasing & dangling the spoon in front of her face (again, I chose to stay out of it and keep my distance), she finally GRABBED the spoon and shoved it in her little pie-whole.  You go girl!
My little "self-feeder".
 Oops.  You missed.  again.
"Here Gwampa, you try"
 What. A. Mess!
Macy signs 'ALL DONE".
Congratulations Kid.  Today's performance grants you a trip across the kitchen, where you will be immediately stripped down and bathed in the sink.  If only it were summer, this would be much simpler.  Taking her out back and hosing her down (fully clothed) would have been much more effective.
Thanks Dad!!!!
Now if only we could get her to be as excited about drinking milk from a sippy cup as she is about eating solids from a bowl.  :-(

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