The Harnisch Family

The Harnisch Family

Feb 13, 2012

Another Macy Sign language book

Remember this first book I made about a year or so ago???  Macy's first sign book
 I am in the process of creating another one! 

Like most kids, especially those with Down Syndrome, Macy is a visual learner, who learns best FROM WATCHING HERSELF IN ACTION. Macy loved her first book SOOO Much, that she has strongly encouraged me to make another.   Her Speech Pathologist, Sharon, is wonderful and is going to, once again, bind it into DURABLE (Macy proof) book form for us!
I know that there are several great signing books & DVD's out there (our favorite video series is Baby Signing Time).  There are also many awesome websites to reference and learn from (I really like I know that our kids learn so much from seeing themselves performing an action or task, etc...And Macy is NO exception!  Hence the reason we still have a mirror in our family room - the kid LOVES it - she is her own BIGGEST FAN - the SMARTEST most CUTE person she knows!!!
Plus, if nothing else, we had lots of fun shooting these pics.  It was a great way to spend a dreary, snowy & frigid day late last week.
I, myself, am a visual learner, so going through the motions of editing these pages & locating the various signing images allows me to better learn them myself - so that I can more naturally incorporate them into our daily dialogue.  It's a great learning experience & exercise for me  (the sometimes slow-learner)   :-)
Here they are in the order in which they will appear in book form:

Macy's signing and communication skills have really picked up these last few months.  She has come SOOO far!  We are just so very proud of her  :-)

These homemade picture books, along with our scrapbooks and of course our FOUR blog books remain to be household favorites  :-)  Macy enjoys flipping through and seeing herself & Kenzie likes to climb up on my lap and relive recent "Harnisch Happenings".  :-)
Melt my heart!


  1. Brilliant idea. I really like the photos. I'm doing speech and language therapy at university. I am writing my dissertation on the communicative advantage of baby sign langauge. I will look at the website you stated, do you happen to have any other good websites containing theorists etc. Any help would be very much appreciated.
    Best wishes Helen Brett

  2. i saw your comment on enjoying the small things and saw you were from omaha-- i'm in kearney-- and popped over. i love this idea about a personal book! i have a two year old as well and she would love this!! your macy is a dollie! :)

  3. Awesome book! I love that you included the illustrations on how to do the signs.

  4. I know that this sounds stalkerish, but I just saw your comment on Kelle Hampton's blog about a book club in Omaha reading her book, and I live in Omaha! Can I please please please come to your book club. I'm kind of new here and I don't know if my friends will be into Bloom (although I will certainly ask if you need more women to join in order to get to ten) I will pay for my copy of course- I think you have to order all ten at once though? So I will pay you back? However you want to do it.

  5. ok, I just re-read my comment and laughed.

    It's almost sad how much I love that blog.

    haha send me an email if you are interested!