The Harnisch Family

The Harnisch Family

Feb 9, 2012

Aunt Keri takes the PLUNGE!

Macy's Aunt Keri is crazy! But mostly she's awesome. 
She's jumping into ICY COLD waters next week to raise money, awareness and support for the Special Olympics - Nebraska. Go Keri GO! We'll be there to watch and be her "biggest fans in the stands".  Please check out her page
Oh & don't ya just love the picture she used.  hehe.  Macy should be charging "royalties" for other people profiting from her cuteness.  (hehe totally kidding!)
I want to share her "blurb" here so that it prints out in our keepsake blog books.  I just thought everything she had to say was SOO very sweet & kind  :-)
"In honor of the most amazing little girl my family was blessed with 2 years ago, I thank you for considering a donation to the Special Olympic Athletes of Nebraska.  My niece Macy Harnisch has been an absolute joy to our lives and I cannot imagine life without her.  There are no boundaries for this little girl and the sky is the limit.  At the early age of two this little "go getter" already had opportunities to participate in a Special Olympics Young Athletes Program,  We are all committed to being her biggest fan as she conquers this world. 
As part of the US Bank Polar Bear Plungers, I will be jumping in frigid cold waters the morning of Saturday, February 18th.  Thanks for considering sponsoring me for this event.

Keri Mallory
And WOW, she actually JUST reached her hefty goal of $500.  Thank you Keri, the Special Olympics organization will most certainly put this money to good use!  But, please feel free to donate to this awesome cause anyway (via Keri), as we don't like to settle for just REACHIING goals in our family...we strive to EXCEED goals...and Little Miss Macy is living proof of just that.  Way to go Keri!
I'll leave you with a couple short video clips of one of her most recent "Special Olympics - Young Athlete's program" experiences  :-)
in the top video she shows off her mad "crawling.through.long.tunnel" skills.  :-)  And below she moves from one apparatus to the next.  The girl's always on the move and ready to conquer the next best obstacle!

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