The Harnisch Family

The Harnisch Family

Oct 8, 2010

The Buddy Walk is TOMORROW!! :-)

The Buddy Walk is TOMORROW!  
And while I can't be more excited, to tell you the truth, I also can't be more scared.

The last couple weeks I had been distracted...enthusiastically distributing our "Movin' With Macy" t-shirts, ordering some fun balloons, designing Macy's and the other "infant" sized shirts, communicating details to our fellow walkers.  busy...but fun busy.

However, yesterday, it hit me like a ton of bricks.  The house was quiet.  Kenzie was napping.  I was nursing Macy.  I was just looking at her.  Just me and her.  All alone.  At that moment, for some reason, I just broke down.  I was taken aback by her captivating beauty.  Her eyes are just gorgeous!  Like none I have never seen before.  So many of her cute features are of course a result of her Harnisch/Lee genes...

but some of her other unique features are the characteristics/traits of that extra chromosome.  T-21 (a third copy of the 21st chromosome).  As you know, she has 47 chromosomes, while the rest of us have only 46. 
In any case...I got to thinking about the Buddy Walk, and what it's really all about.  I am not sure I am emotionally prepared for what exactly tomorrow has in store.
I have an amazing support group of other young mommas.  We get together and play with each other's little ones frequently.  This is SOO therapeutic for me.  I LOVE seeing and interacting with all of Macy's friends, in all their "chromosomally enhanced" glory.  I am exposed and I do get to see other individuals with Down Syndrome often.  But, yesterday, I realized that I, in many ways, am stuck inside this comfortable box.
In my box, the most of my DS friends are under the age of 2.  This, right now, is really what I know.  And I really do think this is okay.  No need to really think too far ahead right?  After all, this is the stage we are in.  Let's live in the now.  Thinking too far ahead into the future, something I know nothing about, scares me to no end, and would simply not be productive.  Don't go there.  Just focus on the typical baby stuff.  :-)  Afterall, that's what she is...a typical healthy baby!  And she's ROCKIN' IT I might add...

But tomorrow, I'm terrified.  I'm not quite sure what to expect.  I've never been to a Buddy Walk before.  My perception is that there will be about 1,000 people...100 or so of which have T-21.  Many, many of whom are much older than 2 years old.  I am not prepared to allow my mind to race and think about what older age has in store for my Little Miss Macy.  I just want her to be this sweet, innocent, beautiful baby forever.  This is easy and safe.  This, I will see tomorrow, is not reality.  She will grow up.  And even though, I believe whole-heartedly that she will be "MORE ALIKE THAN DIFFERENT"...she will still be in many people's eyes (not mine or her families), but in other people's eyes, different.
There.  That's it.  I got it out.  It's off my chest.  Thank you for listening.  Now, I'm just going to let it be.
I am going to go tomorrow and have a great time.  I'm going to be strong and just enjoy myself!

Speaking of melts my heart and brings tears to my eyes.  The thought that so many of Macy's family and dear friends are going to join us at the Buddy Walk.  Soo many sporting "Movin' With Macy" tees.   Soo many of whom are taking time our of their BUSY Saturday's to support my little Miss Macy (and her new friends).  Soo many will have to compromise and perhaps miss out on other events to be here, at UNO, to participate in this Buddy Walk.  Soo many of whom had to pack up the car, pack up the kiddos (which is never an easy feat),  drive to mid-town and search for our team to walk with us.  I know this is asking a lot out of people.  Some people who thought they were going to walk, can't anymore, I COMPLETELY understand, as life goes on and they have family stuff that they need to tend too.  I totally undersstand  :-)
But to those of you who are able to make it.  I want you all to know that I appreciate you being there for us SOOO much.  Can't wait to see you and hug you all tomorrow!!

here are some details about tomorrow:  THIS Saturday (Oct. 9th)

* time:  the FUN STUFF begins at *10am*  (bounce houses, face painting, balloons, food, drinks, photo booth, etc, etc)  the walk starts at 12noon.  I would really appreciate if our entire group can try to gather/assemble by no later than 11:45, as I would LOVE to get a group picture before the walk begins  :-)

* where:  UNO - football stadium/track

*how to find us:  keep an eye out for our bright sapphire blue "Movin'with Macy" shirts (most of you already have them, thank you for paying for them and picking them up!!!).  I am also going to tie a HUGE bunch of pretty blue balloons to Macy's stroller in an effort to locate us a little easier.  I also found a large smiley face flower balloon as well.

*walk info:  The walk (which begins at 12noon) will go around the track, through Elmwood Park, over the Dodge Street pedestrian bridge and around Memorial park.  If you choose to walk the entire route, it is 1.5 miles in length and I have been told it is stroller and wheel chair accessible.  If you are not up for walking the entire route, you are NOT alone, there will be others who choose not to walk for various reasons...I just REALLY REALLY appreciate you all being there and being part of our "team".

*weather:  It looks like it is going to be a GORGEOUS day - in the upper 70's to mid 80's - woo-hooo!!!  Thanks be to the Lord for blessing us with this beautiful fall day here in Omaha, NE  :-)

* final note:  if there is anyone else who wants to walk, please spread the word.  There is no need to "register", all they/you need to do is simply show up and join our group at the event.  Afterall, the primary purpose (in my eyes) of the Buddy Walk is to gather...generate AWARENESS and ACCEPTANCE of Down Syndrome.  Any and all are invited...and very much welcomed!  The more the merrier!

* DON'T FORGET:  (if you have one) to wear your Movin' with Macy Tee shirts!!!

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  1. Perhaps another tide is turning and that is the one where big sister learns from little sister. Sherri has been so brave to share her intimate thoughts with all of us. Many of have communicated to her privately as I have as well. What I have learned in my life is that if I have the question or feeling that I am not alone, others do as well, but haven't the confidence to acknowledge it outloud. A couple Sundays ago in Church we learned that many family crisis come as a result of not being honest.

    I too have scared feelings and emotions for tomorrow. My littles as well as me don't know what Down Syndrome means or really looks like. We are all learning together. Tomorrow I fear of the staring and the questions that will be asked within a ear's distance of other families and individuals with Down Syndrome. I pray God will continue to be with me and our family and friends. He will provide us the comfort and the wisdom to know what to do and say.

    And with that said, we will be MOVIN WITH MACY!

    With much love and excitement,
    Aunt Heather