The Harnisch Family

The Harnisch Family

Oct 9, 2010

***Bonfire Alert!***

A "BONFIRE" alert was put out by my mom & dad...anyone who knows Garry Lee, knows he can build a kick@$$ fire!  So many of us "answered the call"...And, since this will most likely be one of the last bonfires of this fall season, we thought we should most definitely take advantage this awesome weather!
 Everyone gathered around (minus me, the photog, as usual) 
 The girls' Aunt Gayle (holding Macy in the background) flew into town this afternoon from Colorado.  She is in town especially for the Buddy Walk tomorrow!  How cool is that...thanks Aunt Gayle, so glad you can be a part of "Movin' with Macy".    :-)
Oh...and she walked in her hometown's Buddy Walk last week as part of Max's X-Men...she pinned a big picture of Macy onto her she spread some "Macy Love" at the Denver Buddy Walk.  Gayle, YOU ROCK!!
She "hogged" Macy pretty much the entire night...and rightfully so!  No one else had the guts to try and steal her away...
 Keri &  Erika (momma & daughter)  aren't they cute?!
 I told Anna I had a balloon...this was my trick to get her to look at the camera, haha!  I'm shameless!  :-(
 Dad, with neighbor lady Kristi...she's kind of an adopted sister...the 5th Lee girl if you will  :-)
 Ally giving her brother a big hug...or perhaps a choke hold, can't quite tell.  She's one tough cookie!
 Hey look!  There's me!
 Macy was soo cozy chillin' by the fire all snuggled up with her Auntie Gayle.
 laughing and having a good 'ole time.

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