The Harnisch Family

The Harnisch Family

Oct 11, 2010

More Buddy Walk Pics

As promised here a "few pics" I thought I'd post to the blog  (so they print in the blog book later)  :-)
Our "Movin' with Macy" Buddy Walk team!!!  (minus a few who got lost in the crowd)
 Aunt Gayle took a "nice" family picture on the porch before heading out to the Walk.
 Me and my blued-eyed beauty
 Keli, me and Macy.  She has been a very dear friend of mine since middle school  :-)
 Rick & Marie!
 The picture-perfect Appuhn family (with Macy)
 The "Witt-credibles"  :-)
 Kenzie getting her face painted!
 How awesome it was for Aunt Gayle to fly in from Colorado just so she wouldn't miss out on Macy's first Buddy Walk.  Gayle, you rock!
 Macy's Grandma & Grandpa Lee.  (not Kenzie's - for some reason she is not claiming them, she already has a G&G apparently.  oh and I am not her mom, she just has a dad & Macy just has me for a mom - Joe is only her dad, NOT Macy's)  Hope she grows out of this phase soon!  Not sure where she gets it?
 The Cooke's (and Macy)
 Macy with her very cool cousin Ashlynn.
 Shelly, Gordy, Ash, Autumn & Mason (with Macy)
 I was so excited to have Lindsey, Lyla and sweet Evie Jayne representing our team at the walk!  Thanks guys  :-)
 This is Macy's friend Tessa...she is 6 months old.  Her mommy & daddy were out of state for a wedding, so Tessa came with friends and family and had a great showing.  you go girl!!
 Aunt Keri and the precious Anna
 Cousin Colton & cousin Dylan
 Our awesome neighbors!  Duane, Hannah, Lauren & Dylan (minus Lynn, she was running around somewhere else at the moment)
 I had to hand-make the infant buddy walk tees, as the screen print would have been too teeny.  Soo I decided to give Macy's a little flair...I added a blingy butterfly.  "According to the laws of aerodynamics the bumblebee is not supposed to be able to fly - it's wings are too small for its body - but the bee doesn't care what the scientist thinks, so it flies anyway.  FLY BABY FLY!
 Jessie and little Wesley   team "Wesley's Warriors"
OUCH!  she's pinching my chin here...
 Macy, once again being ornery and pulling cousin Erika's hair
 HS friend Jenny, baby Emma, Keli, Macy and Me  :-)
 The Snows!  Nikki is one of my Best Friends from college  :-)
 Macy getting in a quick power nap before the walk begins!
 This is Natalie - cousin Erika's college roomate...along with her beautiful big sister Katie.  Macy was SUPER excited to have Katie walking on her team  :-)
 Me, with my long time BF from elementary school, Leah
 Chad & Joe
 Yippee, Ja, Bethany and the twins came out for the walk too!
 Our team take 1
 Our team take 2  (this time with the Elsassers)  :-)
 The twins with the twins
 The very good looking Buller family  (Leah, Charlie & Chad)
 Bethany, Neeley, Ja, Grady & Gayle
 This was the moment I could see it in McKenzie's eyes, I could sense it in her warm "baby Macy" embrace, I could hear it in her proud "big sis" voice.  This is the moment McKenzie realized her sister is very special.
 This is when she figured out that Macy is "KIND OF A BIG DEAL"   :-)
 Me and my amazing dad!

 Mason tackling (or attempting to tackle) his daddy
 My dad could not participate in the full walk (due to his severe arthritis), but that did not stop him from pulling his car around, parking on the side of the road to get awesome photographs!
 This must be where I get it  :-)
 Me and Big boy Vollen...his "Strollin' with Vollen" shirts were awesome...his said "Don't DIS my ABILITY."
Macy and her friend Eisley...they are only 1 week apart.  Do they look a lot alike or what??

The pics below are contributed by my Sister Heather and my dad... 
 Sadly Kenzie did not care to meet Casey.
 geesh, make yourself cozy why don't ya.
 me & my dad once again...

 not sure if you could tell, but I was having a great time!
 I was absoulutely BLOWN AWAY by the show of support from family  & friends!
Team "Movin' with Macy" crossing the Pedestrian Bridge

 It was really awesome to see and hear all the cars down below on busy Dodge Street honking their horns in a show of support!

 love this shot of my dad taking pics from across Dodge street

Giving my sis a goodbye/thank you hug.

It was a wonderfully emotional day.  All good emotions.  
The 2010 Omaha Buddy Walk was a very moving and touching event!

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