The Harnisch Family

The Harnisch Family

Oct 23, 2010

Gymnastics pics

It was "picture night" at Gymnastics, so yes, I was one of the mom's who was taking pics of the kids getting pics taken.  I ordered a couple of the professional images, but wanted to snap a few know...for the blog   :-)
 Macy & Evie watching their big sisters in the "mini-stars" gymnastics class.
 Us mom's have fun playing with the "littles" while the "bigs" are acrobating around.
 Anna showing off her low bar skills.  I was a little annoyed that they waited until AFTER class to get the class pictures much for nice & neat piggies.  Oh goes on...   :-)
 McKenzie & Lyla waiting oh so patiently for their turn

 Lyla getting ready for her shot - I was snapping these photos through the glass.  The photographer simply requested no I turned it off   :-)
 Oh Anna, what a HAM!!  Can't wait to see how adorable her photo turned out  :-)
 McKenzie's teacher doing some last minute primping.
 aww, what a good girl!  Can't believe she's actually smiling  :-)
 ah hahaha!  ok, THIS is hilarious...Aunt Keri is holding Macy up to the glass window...her face && forehead are SMOOOSHED.  soo funny.
 mmm.  yummy
Thursday Night Ministars class of 2010  :-)  Of course Kenzie is the only girl not smiling...what a face...oh well, at least she wasn't crying.  I'll take this over that any day!!!  Three is a tough age these days.  That's all I gotta say about that   :)  &  :(

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