The Harnisch Family

The Harnisch Family

Oct 19, 2010

Bath Time!

I have a problem...I need some kind of intervention...why is it that whenever I need to be productive...laundry needs folded, dishwasher needs emptied, teeth need brushed (yes, it's 2:00pm), basement needs tidied, McKenzie's nails need trimmed, Penny's 40th B-Day Video needs edited and much more...I find myself distracted.  I think I may have a slight case of A.D.D.  I was giving Macy a bath.  And what was supposed to be a 3 minute bath, turned into a 13 minute photo-shoot.    
I couldn't help it, she was having SOOO much fun.  Now if only these photos had audio, you would hear the most precious, high-pitched giggling and laughing your ears would ever have the pleasure of hearing  (to some her high-frequency squealing may have sounded more like "nails on a chalk board") but to me it was MUSIC TO MY EARS!!!  Especially love when she gets to laughing so hard that she hiccups...hilarious!

My intention was to just post 1 or 2 pics...but alas...I posted them all.  Alfterall, which two pics would you have chosen from the bunch??  
My thoughts exactly  :-)

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