The Harnisch Family

The Harnisch Family

Oct 7, 2010

having a swingin' time at OT!

Macy continue's to surprise us each day with new exciting advancements!  Here is a pic and a couple video clips from her private OT session the other you can see Macy clearly loves it  :-)

This pic is blurry cuz all I had was my phone & she was movin fast...this fast swinging really taps into her vestibular system and stimulates her senses getting her raring and ready to "get her OT on"...let's show off our new "skills & abilities")
Here Macy is sitting with Emily on the swing ...this dress and those socks did not last long.  Perhaps she was a little too dressed up for her OT workout today (the leopard print dress a little much)?...nah!    never  :-)  A girl's still gotta be a girl

Below you can see Emily help Macy get up in the "crawling position" and on "all fours" for the first time!!   (This momma was so proud)

Trying to once again get up on all can tell she has to work very hard at this as a result of her low tone and lax joints.  Do you hear her "grunt of determination"??  :-)

Macy laughing and having a GOOD old time..."if she could talk she'd be saying "Grandpa how do I get one of these contraptions built in my house??  or yours"??   :-)
by the end of her work out, Emily stripped her down to her onesie...those clothes just GET IN THE WAY!  But, she was still rockin' the bow.  That's my girl!   :-)

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