The Harnisch Family

The Harnisch Family

Oct 18, 2010

Ponca (part 2)

The first morning started bright and early with Macy chit-chatting and giggling LOUDLY, waking many others up along with her.  You must know that there were four families residing in our cabin this weekend. After a yummy breakfast (made by the Witt's), we tried to get out the door as quickly as possible to start enjoying the fresh air...I miss the days of "get up and go"...those days are LONG least for as long as we have littles.  Most day's I am totally used to the "routine", but when you want to just BE outside, it is frustrating.  oh well...enough of my whining...I know, that's what being a parent is all about afterall.
 The girls are fed, cleaned up, dressed and ready to go you can see in this pic, believe it or not, Macy is not always happy...
 But once she was outside playing in the leaves life got a little better  :-)
 Joey, Katie, Becky and Aunt Karen.
She loved crunching the leaves in her little fingers!!
 Nickie and Mikey fishing off the dock (I think this is Mikey, one of the four "Ron" Lee boys)  :-)
 Nick and Nickie's new baby, Cooper.
 Keri's telling the dramatic story of her surreal experience at work this week...her bank was robbed.  YIKES!!
 Anna and McKenzie being goofs and rolling around in the leaves.
 The boys went golfing, so a few of us decided to play papparzi and snap a few pics of them on the's Anna running down the hill so excited because she spotted her daddy!
 We headed over to another area of the park (this is where the original cabins are and where a lot more Lee's are staying - I do kind of miss the old rustic cabins...this is the Ponca I remember)...
 Water-balloon toss time!
 haha - Keri broke her glasses...sad...but made for a great photo-op  :-)
 Aunt Kim lovin' on Little Miss Macy :)
 The kids LOVE climbing in the ravine!
 Kim, Macy & Addie
 Let the Balloon Toss Competition begin!  oops, Colton breaks the first balloon.  sorry buddy!  :-(  hehe  he's drenched!  check out cousin Dalton's follow through, perhaps this has something to do with why they lost, I dunno...
 This is just about everyone!
Becky and Kevin are the first winners!  Here they pose with their prized water balloon  :-)
 The look of fierce determination.
 Me and my sisters
 Now this is a little more like it!
 McKenzie and daddy didn't make it to the water balloon toss because they were too busy doing this...

 Enjoying and taking advantage of a beautiful Sunset!
 Macy, Uncle Jim and cousin Ally waiting for dinner...The Mallory's are Italian French Dip sandwiches...mmmmm!
 Erika has arrived!!  She sold her NU vs. Texas ticket so that she could come to Ponca...after witnessing the sad Cornhusker beating, I'd say she made the right decision and got her money's worth  :-)
 Macy  pulling her hair.
 Eirka wanted to hold Macy pretty much the entire time...which was, of course, OKAY with me :-)
 One of the many sunrise pics :-)
 uh oh!  Who let Macy have this cookie??  this is her first EVER taste of pure oreo cookie deliciousness...
 As you can imagine, she did NOT want to let go...
 Raawrr..little Allie frightens Erika with her scary mask.
 Mom and dad doing what they do best...watching their favorite Grand-daughter roll around on the floor.  oh the hours of fun that can be had  :-)
 "Hi Gwamma"
 A big bonfire get together over at the "Kevin" Lee cabin  :-)
 yes...those are wild Turkey's outside our cabin!
 Standing 'round the fire.
 riding scooters bright and early the next morning...

 more fishin'  this kid could fish all day long if you'd let him  :-)
 Hi Anna  :-)
 Girls, girls, girls
 Got One!
 Me and my "designer gened" babe!
 Macy and Daddy

 This is our cabin all decked out for the hallowfest weekend!
 Dad with the cute little Skyla
 Uncle Kevin and Addie having a "Lion King" moment.
 taking a walk
 I'm kind of bummed as I/we did not take or participate in as many long walks/hikes this year...the weather was perfect for it...I just felt a little more "tied down/overwhelmed" this year, so it was difficult to make those midnight hikes work out as in years past.  They'll always be next year.

 The kids playing over at this beautiful new "nature garden" that was over by our cabin.
 "Anna, wait for me!"  says McKenzie.
 Aunt Heather with Macy and McKenzie
 Great spot for a photo-op!
 Momma's little bunny!  I'm so proud of my little "prop" sitter  :-)
 skippin' rocks
 Joe and the girls...McKenzie dipping her toes in the cold water.
 My bunny smelling the flowers  :-)
 Lisa and Ally!  Great pic  :-)
I'm famished...time to eat a little samich.

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