The Harnisch Family

The Harnisch Family

Oct 3, 2010

Harvest has begun!

Yesterday was a gorgeous fall day!  You could smell the cool crisp air....And with fall comes...Harvest Season!  This year's crop of soy beans and corn at the Harnisch family farm is lookin' good!  
Praise the Lord, we thank you for this bountiful Harvest.
We drove up north to Snyder to help Grandpa Harnisch out, or in my case, took advantage of the opportunity to of course, photograph my city girls on the farm...this was Macy's first time out at the farm!!  
Do you think she enjoyed it?  
I'll just let the pics speak for themselves  :-)
She was not quite sure what to think about it all initially...
 she started warming up to it...
 this fresh green grass ROCKS! 
 peek-a-boo mommy  :-)

 She was having a ball!

 Life is good.
 now...posin' for some pics while sitting on the lane.

 I just love her precious smile TO PIECES!!!
 I could not believe it...she was sitting up for SOOO long.  The longest I have witnessed to date.
 After about 20 seconds, she'd finally had enough and plopped gracefully down to the ground.

And this, my friend, is what it's ALL about!  right here...
 Here comes a tractor...
 look, it's McKenzie and Grandpa Harnisch!
 She had fun driving around the farm on the big red tractor.  She did admit to liking the green tractor much better however... :-)  It matched her boots she told me.  John Deere!
3 generations of Harnsiches
 A child of the corn.
 What a little ham.
ooop, and she goes down!  
Any nice mommy would stop, run and try to break her fall...but nope, not me...Mother of the year right here!  What do I do?  snap a pic of course!   :-)    hehe
Gotta love her John Deere cowgirl boots flying high in the air.  (Thanks Aunt Gayle)
 As you can see, she was perfectly fine!!  Stop feeling so sorry for her, she's a big girl  :-)
 McKenzie running through the bean field right after the combine came through.
Later that night, we met up with the Mallory's and the Cooke's for some camping at a State Park near by.  Keri and Dan got a sweeeet new camper.  Thanks for letting us crash!  
It was a chilly night, but Macy was snug-as-a-bug-in-a-rug, all bundled up and being passed around the campfire.

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