The Harnisch Family

The Harnisch Family

May 31, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend pt. 1

The long weekend started off with a date night for me and Joe.  Since McKenzie was invited to her friend Sarah's sleepover birthday party...that left us only needing to line up a baby-sitter for one.  So we called up a neighbor girl  :-)
We went to dinner at one of my absolute favorite restaurants Jaipur.  mmmmm gotta love me some Chicken Tikka Naan!  :-)  To make our dining experience all the more interesting, we were seated next to a seemingly nice family.  They had three teenage/young adult daughters, one of whom has Down Syndrome.  I wasn't staring, but I did catch myself glancing at their table several times.  It warmed my heart and made me happy and optimistic for the future, as this young lady was very pretty and was enjoying her meal and spending time out with her family very much.  :-)
I was craving interaction with them, a reason to strike up a conversation, but the opportunity never naturally presented itself.  I could not muster up the guts to talk to talk them...  :-(
Next we headed downtown to the Orpheum theater, where we took in the Broadway musical WICKED - the untold story of the witches of Oz.  Perhaps you've heard of it??  In any case, it was AMAZING!  A must see for everyone  :-)
The next day, we packed up the kids and headed out to the lake!
 As we got there, everyone was preparing and decorating for my cousin Renae's 30th Birthday Party.
It was a Hawaiian Luau theme!
McKenzie got a kick out of the fancy little "drink" umbrella's.  :-)
 LOTS of people came out to the party and there was LOTS of yummy food too  :)  Good times.  Good times.
 All the kids had fun with the tree swing.
 Macy & Grandpa included
 Macy swingin' high on over to Daddy's side.
 weeeee.  higher. higher!  she'd say if she could  :-)
 this girl's not afraid of nothin...

 can't tell who's having more fun here??
 seriously?  How do you say no to this kid??
 we brought her car in an effort to keep her out of trouble...but the little stinker still manages to bend over, reach for and eat sand & sticks.  hmmph.  It's gonna be a long summer!
 Mason, McKenzie & Danielle fishin'
 Kenzie and her, as she calls it, "flower-fly" pole.
 cousin Gracie taking a turn in the car  :-)
 "ooh, good catch"
 showing her butterfly off to Macy & Grandpa

 Macy is anxious for the day that she is able to cast a line on her own fishing pole.
 until that day comes, she'll just live vicariously through her big sis...
Life is Good Man..."LIFE IS GOOD"!
 The big boys, Mason & Dalton, swingin' on the tire swing.
 Whoa, Mason gets goin' pretty high!  Dylan can be seen in the backround catchin fish from from the dock.  Like I've said before...this kid's a fishing prodigy!  I hope he plans to enter the Fishing contest taking place out here on the 4th of July.
I'm not quite sure, and I don't think we'll really ever understand, why Grandpa Lee gets kicks out of shoving sugar down his grandbabies mouths.  But, hey, they LOVE HIM for it!  :-)  And who are we to question his antics any more?
Here's Macy porkin' down powder donuts right after she just got done eating breakfast.  yup, double fistin' it...sweet!  no pun intended.
"Is this what heaven tastes like momma?"
Pure satisfaction right there...and...she's DONE!
That was an interesting morning as around 35 or so people were still crashed at the cabin from the festivities the night before.  We eventually ventured across the street where the Fish Heads were playing at the Corral and On the Fritz" was playing at the Backporch Lounge" outdoor area.  I have not stayed up past 3:00am in a long time...and now I remember why!!
Renae had friends sleeping in tents, on blow-up matresses, on the floor, not a bed or couch was times, fun times  :-)
Happy 3-0 cousin!!

Brook & Ally Cook Spring 2011 pics

Here are a few of my favorite photos I took the other day of my sweet niece & silly nephew.  They were the perfect subjects...adorable, happy & willing to "play along"...
We ventured out to the Lanoha Arboretum.  Great place for a "just for fun" photoshoot!
 I had them pretty worn out by the end of the day...had them doing a LOT of running around  :-)
 aww, little sis actually starts to put her arms around the big bro...not an every day occurrence!
 I just love Brook's GQ pose here.
 and here.  Well, this one is more "JC Penney pose" I suppose.  :-)
 If "All-American Kid" magazine existed...they'd be on the cover.

 Love this one!  She looks like such a little angel.

 walking under a dark bridge...

 "Life's too short...stop and smell the flowers"

 uh oooh
 "say cheese"
 I really like this one.  I think it says a lot.  Brook's got his crazy, wacky face and Ally doesn't keep her eye off him for a second.  You gotta be ready for what could be coming next.  smart.  girl.
 so sweet  :-)
 check out those sassy hot pink nails!
 what a charmer.
handsome fella...there will be, and probably already are, broken hearts.
 one more final pose before we get back in the car and had for ice cream!
A few more pics of Ally in her pretty princess tutu.

 "Dance like no one's watching"
 she's throwing rocks down in to the creek.
 This one just might be one of my faves from the whole day  :-)
 Here she is in a world all by herself!
So, do you think she's having fun yet??  I can't tell...
oh & here are a few pics taken at her 3 year B-Day party at the Firebarn.
 Ally was excited to show off her beautiful cake & pretty balloons when we arrived!

 getting ready to blow out the candles on her cake

 four cousins.  aka.  future flower girls - T-11 days!
 this pic says it all...girl with a gun.  WATCH OUT!
cousin Erika was encouraging Macy to get messy with the if she didn't see THIS coming next!
You asked for it!!  :-)