The Harnisch Family

The Harnisch Family

May 31, 2011

Brook & Ally Cook Spring 2011 pics

Here are a few of my favorite photos I took the other day of my sweet niece & silly nephew.  They were the perfect subjects...adorable, happy & willing to "play along"...
We ventured out to the Lanoha Arboretum.  Great place for a "just for fun" photoshoot!
 I had them pretty worn out by the end of the day...had them doing a LOT of running around  :-)
 aww, little sis actually starts to put her arms around the big bro...not an every day occurrence!
 I just love Brook's GQ pose here.
 and here.  Well, this one is more "JC Penney pose" I suppose.  :-)
 If "All-American Kid" magazine existed...they'd be on the cover.

 Love this one!  She looks like such a little angel.

 walking under a dark bridge...

 "Life's too short...stop and smell the flowers"

 uh oooh
 "say cheese"
 I really like this one.  I think it says a lot.  Brook's got his crazy, wacky face and Ally doesn't keep her eye off him for a second.  You gotta be ready for what could be coming next.  smart.  girl.
 so sweet  :-)
 check out those sassy hot pink nails!
 what a charmer.
handsome fella...there will be, and probably already are, broken hearts.
 one more final pose before we get back in the car and had for ice cream!
A few more pics of Ally in her pretty princess tutu.

 "Dance like no one's watching"
 she's throwing rocks down in to the creek.
 This one just might be one of my faves from the whole day  :-)
 Here she is in a world all by herself!
So, do you think she's having fun yet??  I can't tell...
oh & here are a few pics taken at her 3 year B-Day party at the Firebarn.
 Ally was excited to show off her beautiful cake & pretty balloons when we arrived!

 getting ready to blow out the candles on her cake

 four cousins.  aka.  future flower girls - T-11 days!
 this pic says it all...girl with a gun.  WATCH OUT!
cousin Erika was encouraging Macy to get messy with the if she didn't see THIS coming next!
You asked for it!!  :-)

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