The Harnisch Family

The Harnisch Family

May 19, 2011

Special Olympics Nebraska - Summer games 2011

Are well underway!
The events started last night and go through Saturday. 
Check out their website to find out when stuff starts and where they're taking place!
The girls and I plan to be a "fan in the stands" at a few different venues  :-)
This morning we went to the swim meet here in Elkhorn @ Common Ground (Joe is volunteering with aquatics).
Macy LOVED playing in the water puddles on the ground and made several new friends.
Here she is sitting with her buddies Paul & Jaycee.  They traveled a long way (all the way across the state) to be here...They were very sweet and just loved playing with Macy...Paul swam this morning and got some ribbons (of which he was very proud to show off).  Jaycee will be competing in track and field tomorrow & Saturday.  Watch for him in the 100 meter dash, 4x100 relay and shot-put!  We are going to try and make it out there :-)
McKenzie wasn't quite as "social" in the stands as Macy, she was quite fascinated by the swimmers.  "They're fast mom" she told me.  "Yes, they are"..."cheer loud for them"!  They deserve it  :-)
We are excited and looking forward to the opening ceremonies tonight at Creighton.  Anyone else going??


  1. LOVE your have an amazing talent!

  2. Hey Macy.
    We are so looking forward
    to joining your Mom and Dad
    as "Fans in the Stands"
    for your thrills in future Special Olympics

    We just got back home
    from the Grandparents Support Group meeting
    There was a sign language teacher
    who spoke of the importance of sign language
    as an early communication tool.
    There must be thousands of signs
    for thousands of words.
    We're not sure if "Blowing Kisses" is an official sign
    But we are beyond Joy
    that you have chosen this sign
    as one of your first

    When you stand on that podium
    with that gold medal around your neck
    don't forget your "Blowing Kisses" sign
    for all of your "Fans in the Stands"

    Love Grandma and Grandppa