The Harnisch Family

The Harnisch Family

May 24, 2011

Kylie has graduated!!!

My "Little Sis" is an official high school graduate.  
 The Omaha North Ceremony was yesterday and it was HUGE!  A few more people than my little old graduating class of 1998  :-)
 That's her taking her seat while the band play "Pomp & Cirmumstance".  She's looking up at us!
Shaking the hands of "the powers that be".  :-)  Thankfully Krista (Kylie's mom's best friend) gave me a kleenex, because yes, I did tear up a little.
I am just so dang proud of this girl.  She is so bright and has sooo much potential to do such great things.  And I know she will!
 This was at her graduation party the other day.
 she's so cute  :-)
 Playing with Macy and McKenzie during her party.
According to our Big Brother Big Sister match coordinator, this also apparently marks the official "end" to our 8-yr match.  
Although we won't be getting those "so, hows everything going with you & Kylie" phone calls anymore...this in NO WAY ends our friendship.  This girl is wonderful and will forever hold a special place in my heart.  She will be moving far away for college, but I certainly intend to keep in touch with her regularly  :-)
We have been through a lot and have had some good times over the years.  Sure the last couple, we have both been pretty busy and had not gotten together as much as we would have liked, but that's just life right?  
This pic below was taken the first time we met!
 I'd say we've both grown up quite a bit  :-)
 Kylie and her adorably sweet younger sibs that first day!  Those two have sure grown up a LOT too - crazy!
At the NE Humane Society's walk for the Animals event a few years back  :-)
The first night we met we made a LONG list of fun activities we could enjoy together (turns out we had a lot of the same interests).  This process also opened my eyes to the wide array of fun stuff to do in our little ol' City.  So...for those first few years I picked her up at her house every couple weeks (usually on Wednesdays).  We went to Husker football games, College World Series Baseball games, Creighton B-ball games, Broadway shows at the Orpheum & Holland, I gave her a tour of KETV, we went to lots of movies, the YMCA, went to lots of her b-ball & v-ball games, track meets & school musicals.  We volunteered together, went to the lake, went on bike rides, ice skating, took our dogs for walks, bike rides, did the whole Glamour shot experience, an overnight at the Zoo, Christmas Light tour, walked around the Old Market...the list goes on and on.  A couple years ago she asked me to write a letter of recommendation for a summer scholar program she was applying for.  This was a tough task as it was difficult for me to stay within the "maximum word limit".  :-)  But the good words flowed easily from my finger-tips and I sang her praises loudly!

Below are couple links to some fun recent stuff  :-)


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