The Harnisch Family

The Harnisch Family

Aug 11, 2010

Worlds of Fun (Holy Hotness!)

Yesterday, I took Kylie (my "little sis" of 7+ years) and two of her friends to Worlds of Fun.  I got the tickets for free from a media contact.  Thanks Lisa!!!

btw - McKenzie & Macy had a sleepover at Grandma & Grandpa Harnisches house.  Of course, they had a blast there, as always  :-) 

This trip was a little over-due, as we were supposed to go last summer...we had it all planned out.  But my pregnancy with Macy de-railed those plans.  We could have still gone and we would have had fun...but it would not have been the same as I LOVE the crazy coasters...
We left Omaha around 6:30am and arrived in KC by the time the park opened at 10am.  HOLY HOTNESS!!  The humidity here in the Midwest the past few days has been dangerously high.  Despite the fact that it was disgustingly hot, we still managed to have an awesome time.  I'm pretty sure the heat kept most people away, so as a result there were hardly any lines.  I felt like a kid as we ran from roller coaster to roller coaster.  Even doing some a few times in a row before moving on to experience the next one.  FUN TIMES! 
And actuallty, to tell you the truth.  I'm slightly confused.  Why do people actually pay money to intentionally put themselves into a situation in which their bodies defy gravity.  Defying gravity so much that your head aches and your tummy spins in knots.  It's not natural.  I'm not sure either...but I LOVED IT! 
Loved it up until the bamboozler that is.  This is a super spinny ride, of which centripital force smooshes your entire backside against the wall as it spins round & round.  Let's just say, after 5 hours in the heat, this one "did us in"!  Kylie was exhausted, Tessa looked pale, I was dizzy...and even though Tiffany still looked like she was in good shape...majority's time to go HOME! 
Pics from the Prowler (which in my opinion was the BEST, Patriot & the Mamba)
Okay, so I wasn't exactly willing to pay $20 a pop for any of the official coaster cam shots, but I was willing to hold my iPhone up and snap a few little pics upon exiting.  Now, I wouldn't necessarily be too quick to call this "stealing"...As an Advertising/PR professional, I feel as though this is VIRAL and WORD OF MOUTH marketing at it's best.  Afterall, check out all this free publicity they are getting on my "highly trafficked" blog.  LOL  I think they owe me!    j.k.

oh & I can't believe school starts for these girls next week...what happened to Summer?!?  Kylie is going to be a Senior...crazy!!  check out a couple of her gorgeous Senior pics below  :-)
Wow, Kylie, you are sooo beautiful!!!  

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