The Harnisch Family

The Harnisch Family

Aug 2, 2010

Eye Stuff

Well. Let's hope it's just "eye stuff".
I'm sorry, but are these not the most beautiful almond eyes you could ever see?? :-)

Macy had an appointment with her Pediatric Ophthalmologist this morning. We set this several months ago to simply have him take a thorough look again and make sure all is well. As you know, children with Down Syndrome are a bit more susceptible to specific eye issues. This visit was to mainly gauge whether or not she will be needing glasses. Nope. NO GLASSES :-) Her eyes are symmetric and normal. That was awesome news.

It was slightly coincidental that we already had this appointment set as Macy has actually had a recurring eye issue as of late. It started about 5 days ago. She has been rolling her eyes back into her head. Strange and not exactly normal. Joe and I have been keeping a very close eye (no pun intended) on her. Each eye roll only lasts a quick second, but you can't miss it. It is not the "my mom just told a stupid joke and she thinks it's funny" kind of an eye roll. It's not just when she's tired or fussy. It's very random and happens at inconsistent times. In any case. It made us feel good to have Dr. Troia take a closer look and talk us through some stuff. He even gave us permission to call him at his home if we felt the need to do so. I really don't think we would need to, but I certainly think that was super nice of him to offer. During his exam, he explained how the brain has several nerves that connect to the eye, etc...and he explained a few things he was looking for. He did not see anything of concern. Which is excellent.

But. The fact still remains. Her eyes are rolling back into her head. She also had a low-grade fever about a week & a half ago. Plus she had this strange rash on her right arm the last few days (it's mostly cleared up now). All these things on the their own are minor and no big deal. But in hind-sight, is it possible they could all be "associated" somehow? I don't know? Seizures, Meningitis? We sure do not think so...but, we felt it would be best to put our minds at ease and take her in to get checked out once again by another doc. Yes, dad, you're right... :-) So that's what we did tonight.

To make a long story short...everything seemed to check out normal. We do not have any major reason to be concerned - at this time. But, we are going to continue to monitor her. If this persists and becomes more frequent, or if these "eye rolls" start to be accompanied by anything else out of the ordinary, we will certainly not hesitate to take it to the next step. Blood work and possible neurological evaluation and EEG.
So, please cross your fingers and if you are a praying person...say a little prayer for our Little Miss Macy. Pray that these eye rolls end or that they, at the very least, do not start to become more frequent. I hope that they do not start making her uncomfortable :-(
Her daddy, big sister and I are EXTREMELY optimistic!

p.s. - We hosted a baby shower (at my sister's house) for my cousin yesterday. I hadn't talked to anyone about it yet, but I could not help but feel uncharacteristically uneasy about Macy being held and "passed around". I am glad that my mom & niece Erika sort of took her under their wings during most of the party and watched over her closely for me :-)

oh so happy eyes! :-)

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