The Harnisch Family

The Harnisch Family

Aug 10, 2010

Painting & Partying

I must say that me and the girls are finding ways to keep ourselves pretty busy as of late.  I certainly do not feel like a "Stay at Home" mom...more like a "running around with the girls" mom  :-)  Loving every minute of it!
As C.F.O. of Harnisch, Inc, my associates and I had several back-to-back mtgs & appt's this week...between pool parties, playgroups, welcome home from Korea party, baby shower, Bachelorette party, boating at the lake, library visit, Early Intervention, cousin time and Baptism, we had a full load.  Oh...and I managed to squeeze in a little dishes, laundry, cooking & cleaning, etc... (and I stress the word LITTLE there...there's always another day for that stuff - hehe)

As a result of this intense Nebraska heat wave (heat index temps near 110*-115*), we have been forced to get a little creative with indoor fun.  I let McKenzie pick out a special painting book from Hobby Lobby the other day.  I must say this was used, to my advantage, as quite the "bribery tool" else do you get a 3 year old out of Hobby Lobby with only one item, it's hard enough for me and I'm a grown the end...somehow...we managed! 
She loved it!  Quite the little painter this little girl is  :-)  
Her level of focus and concentration is impressive.
She's sooo proud of herself!  She thinks that someday she be as talented as her Aunt Bethany.

And she should be...look how well she stays in the lines.  And good use of colors.  Way to go  :)
I stripped her down for 2 reasons.  A) It was HOT HOT HOT  &  B) I was not sure how messy she'd get.
turns out she's not a messy painter AT ALL.  Very neat and tidy this girl is!  YES.  She draws and colors ALL the time, but up 'til now, I kept it to crayons, markers & pencils, etc...wasn't up for the whole paint fiasco.  But now I know that she loves it and she's super clean with it.  (knock on wood - hehe)
I really think she's going to appreciate this undie shot when she's older  :-)  Doesn't she have a cute butt?  I would agree.
We had our Harnisch & Cooke cousins as well as Aunt Gayle pop in on us the other day.  McKenzie loves having them as well as her friends over.  I love hearing & just listening to them "pretend" play.  What a big kid she's turning into.  No longer a baby, that's for sure.
Aunt Shelly taking pictures as the big girls cheer on Macy.  They are SOOO excited to see how well she is pushing herself up while on her tummy (she is mastering the "elbow lock).  She is also quite the rolling machine.  They are all sooo proud of her too. 
Ashlynn, Autumn, Dakota, Aunt Shelly, Toby & Emily  (of course, you know Macy with her back to us).
It was soo sweet that Ash & Autumns' little neighborhood friends wanted to come over too.  They like seeing McKenzie & Macy.  But of course, Toby makes sure to get some "lovin'" as well  :-)
As I was making silly noises trying to get Macy to smile, she turns to Emily and gives her THIS look.  The " can you believe my annoying mommy" look.   oh man, I've gotta work with this 
Here are a couple pics from the pool party Macy's (and our) friend, Jenessa invited us to.  It was at College of St. Mary.  Thanks Kalynn & Josh for a great time!
Many of Macy's friends and their families were there as well  :-)
As usual, it took McKenzie a while to "warm up" to the water.  She is so timid, cautious and shy around water.  But after a while she put on a life jacket and paddled her arms and legs for mommy & daddy like crazy.  She had a blast!  :-)
aww, what a great picture of Casie & Vollen!
Me & Sophie  (Vollen's big sister)
Wesley is thinking "mom are you crazy?  this water is freezing!"
Here's Jessie and Wesley again, he is SOO precious  :-)  I do not have any pics of Macy, because she just hang out in the stroller most of the time, just watching and listening to all the big kids playing.  What a GOOD, EASY GOING baby!
Casie & Soph.  What a face. :-)

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