The Harnisch Family

The Harnisch Family

Aug 19, 2010

Babies 'n' Bunco

It was my month to host Bunco.  And boy did I feel like Betty friggin' Crocker.  I cooked all day Tuesday!  It was lots of fun.  I especially had fun creating my own Yellow, strawberry, banana, pudding cake, with a very special fudge frosting made from random things I had in the's a secret.  hehe.  It turned out quite yummy I must say.
The Bunco ladies came over at 7pm and we had a great time!  
Alex and Casie subbed for a couple Bunco ladies who couldn't make it.  Thanks for playing guys!!
Stacey, Niki, Heather & Becki
Alex, Keri, Casie and my neighbor Lynn.  She subbed too  :-)  So glad she make it!!
Marlo, June, Amanda & Sheri
Me and my lovely sisters  :-)  My other sister Lisa is also in our Bunco group.  She has been busy and could not make it the last few times.  Now that her 18 weeks of Fire Academy training is complete, SHE IS OFFICIALLY A LINCOLN FIRE FIGHTER - congrats!  she began her regular "shift work" hopefully she will be able to make it to more Bunco nights!  :-) 
Cute, very cute Casie!  She was the Bunco queen at the moment and got to wear the lovely crown.  I added in butterfly wings this time, just for fun-fanciness   :-) 
I love my Bunco group.  Most of these ladies I did not know until we were introduced at Marlo's house for Bunco a couple years ago.  I have enjoyed getting to know them...Bunco is a silly, no-skill-needed-mindless-game.  It simply gives us Momma's a reason to get away from the family in the middle of the week, eat some yummy food, throw down a few adult cocktails, win fun prizes and chit-chat.  It is very theraputic!

Earlier that day we had a couple visitors.  Lauren and Grant stopped over for a while.  And BUMMER, I forgot to take pics of that gorgeous 6 week old!  My cold has me down a bit, so I wasn't thinking.  shoot  :-(
The next day, Aunt Jessica, Sam and Harrison came over for a playdate.  The kiddos all had a great time  :-)
Macy and Harrison posin' for a pic.  Macy is almost 8 months old and baby Harrison is almost 4 months old.
Harrison loved watching himself in Macy's mirror  :-)
The big kids playing hide-n-seek
time to say good-bye - hugging it out
Yesterday I watched Becca's little ones, Izzie & Blake, while she went over and helped Bethany with the twins.  Bethany was able to run a quick errand and hopefully get a little (much needed) nap in.  
I took the four kiddos on a walk to the park.  And since Ja & Bethany's house was coincidentally on the way to the park, of course, we had to stop by and say hi.  This is Mckenzie's FIRST time meeting Neeley  :-)  She has, very patiently, been waiting for the right time.  Grady was inside sleeping, so maybe next time, she'll get to meet him
awww, so sweet! 

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