The Harnisch Family

The Harnisch Family

Aug 1, 2010

Bouncin' with Charlie!

McKenzie put on her bouncing shoes and we headed over to Bounce U!
She had lots of fun!  unlike last time when she still a little timid  :-)
We met up with my bestie, Leah, and her little guy Charlie.  We had sooo much fun  :-)
Here Mckenzie is just about ready to enter into one of her 68 summersaults.  She has a pretty good looking approach.  Gonna have to enroll this girl in gymnastics!
Charlie was so funny...Leah could not keep him away from this water fountain.  He likes making water messes.   hehe
We lost this pretty little hair bow.  bummer!  :-(
Macy was such a GOOD little baby, just chilled in her car seat the entire time.  She knew that this was McKenzie's turn to play (afterall she just had a one hour OT appointment with Lucy all by herself this morning).  Kenzie's TURN!
Charlie had fun bouncing, but he had waaay more fun driving around in this little car  :-)
"Peek a book"..."I gonne GET you"
hmmm.  which one should I choose?  so many choices!
Charlie's hair blowing in the wind
 okay, so I know this totally looks as though McKenzie has just pummeled poor little Charlie, but I swear...don't always believe what you see...she did no such thing.  They accidentally crashed into each other  :-)  It was an accident...this time anyway.  LOL
After bouncing, we went and ate lunch with Leah and Charlie at Chili's.   mm.  good.

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