The Harnisch Family

The Harnisch Family

Aug 25, 2010


Last night several of us DS Mom's got together.  I was super excited to have received "Deedah" in the mail, so I called out to the group for a viewing party!  
Deedah is a documentary about a seven year old girl who has a younger brother with Down Syndrome (or as Jonathan calls it "UP! Syndrome - AWESOME!").  The entire film was narrated by her and from her perspective, I loved it...Click here if you would like to see the Deedah Trailer

Jaeme offered up an awesome venue.  There is a sweet movie theater room at the Apartment Complex she manages...and how appropriate it was to watch this inspiring and uplifting film on the big screen!  Thanks again Jaeme  :-)
everyone brought yummy snacks
Jen brought her adorable brand new two-week old baby girl Mallory.  What a little angel she is!!  Congrats Jen.
Sweet Kennedy was there too, she just turned one year old! 
If anyone would like to borrow Deedah and see it for yourself, give me a shout-out, I will gladly share it!

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