The Harnisch Family

The Harnisch Family

Aug 5, 2010

Playdate at Jamie's

The other day we were invited to Jamie's house for a playgroup.  It was a great time...I really enjoy chatting with the other mom's and watching the kiddos play together.  I think it is so awesome and amazing to have this wonderful support group of other D.S. Supermoms  :-)  We exchanged ideas, tips, resources, but most importantly we just enjoyed each other's company!

Below are a few pics that Casie (or actually, her 3 year old Sophie) took - I stole them from her blog  :-)
Macy stickin' her tongue out at Casie! - you be nice!
Good shot Sophie!  btw - I love the grimace Macy is giving Vollen..."aww Men" she says
Tricia, Kalynn & Jamie and some of the kiddos - check out Sohie & Grace having a big conversation at the table in the background- haha
All of the kids had a fun time and were very well-behaved.  There were supposed to be a few other mommies there, but were unable to make it due to ill kiddos or baby sisters making surprise early arrivals :-( Say a prayer for Wesley and Evie, that they get better very soon.  And to new baby are GOING to just LOVE your big brother Brady - what a lucky girl you are  :-)  Oh, and your mommy & daddy aren't too bad either...
This is Christina and Violet.  It was so nice seeing them again.  Plus, we randomly ran into them at the Ophthalmologist the other day...I just love hearing about her and Violet's amazing journey.  She got Violet the exact day Macy was born on December 28th, 2009 - from an orphanage in China when Violet was about 14 months old.  I say "about" because they do not really know her exact birthdate.  They discovered she had Down Syndrome upon bringing her back the U.S.  I could go on and on about their incredible story...but lets just say her mommy is amazing with her and has already made major physical and cognitive breakthroughs in her development.  Perhaps one of the most monumental might be simply communicating to Violet that expressing her emotions are okay.  After being neglected for so long, the poor baby girl never cried - afterall, what would crying or laughing get you when you are left alone in crib for all your life.  Just heart-breaking  :-( 
She is one very blessed girl is this wonderful family who now love her as their OWN!  She has 3 older siblings too...she's super-loved!
Way to go Macy!  She is started to bear more weight on her legs.  Maybe this will help her grow into those "Pillsbury dough boy" knee rolls   :-)
We were so excited to see baby Claire again (she is 8 weeks old now)!  What a dolly she is.  It is also a funny coincidence, that Claire, just like our Macy, has a big 3 year old sister too!  Her sister's name is Grace and she's a sweetheart  :-)

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  1. Oh, the story of Violet just broke my heart. What an amazing family to give this little girl a much better life!

    Way to go Macy on the Tummy Time in the last photo - build up that strength!