The Harnisch Family

The Harnisch Family

Aug 6, 2010

The Twins have arrived!

I am sooo excited to finally be able to share a few pictures with you  :-)

After a mere 5 weeks of Bethany being on bed-rest, these little ones decided to throw some pretty heavy "hints" to their momma bright & early Wednesday morning (well let's just say it was way before the sun came up).  Off to the hospital they go! 
About 12 hours or so later...two perfectly healthy babies, Neeley Grace and Grady Dean, were born July 28th to two very proud parents.  It is impossible to find words that appropriately describe how beautiful these two little angels are.
 Neeley Grace was born first...she weighed in at 6lb 5oz and was 19 inches long!
Grandma Benson is holding her here.  Isn't this hat just tooo adorable!  :-)  This was made by hospital volunteers.
Neeley and Grandma & Grandpa Harnisch  :-)
MY TURN!  oh she is just so sweet...and soo tiny!
Next, Daddy Ja took us down to see Grady in the NICU.  He was born about 5 minutes after Neeley and weighed 5lb 10oz.  And was also 19 inches long.  Being that he was a bit smaller, he had low blood sugars and needed some assistance keeping his temps up.
Neeley came home Friday and Grady followed the very next day  :-)
 This stork was just one of a few cute things welcoming them home in their front yard.
I felt so bad for Joe...he made a very specific request to those babies to not make an appearance while he was out of town for work.  But, those little ornery babies didn't listen.  So, unfortunately Joe was out of town when they were born (it killed him being so far away - he was pretty bummed and mostly wanted to be able to be there for his brother should he need him).  He was able to go up to the hospital just in time to help pack up Bethany and Neeley and help get their car loaded up and ready to go home. 
A few days ago Ja and Bethany decided that they wanted to get out of the house (alone) for a quick trip to Target.  Soooo...they were miraculously able to sync up Neeley & Grady's feedings just enough so that they could sneak out.  They called me and I could not drive down the street fast enough to get over there and sit with my newest niece & nephew.  I was in HEAVEN!!!
This is what I arrived to.  Grady & Neeley just melted into each other - down for a little nap.  Grady is to the left and has his face so sweetly snuggled into his sister Neeley's cheek  :-)
They slept the entire time...but Neeley opened her eyes so I held her for a bit...then I heard Grady (above) make a squeek, so I felt the need to make a swap and cuddle with him next  :-)
What a cute perfect face. 
I will never forget this first time I got to actually hold baby Grady in my arms.  It's a little early to tell, but I think he's got a lot of "Harnisch" in him!
I can't wait for my girls to meet their newest cousins...every time we drive past the house McKenzie asks about Uncle Ja & Aunt Befuny's babies.  I think we'll let mommy & daddy adjust and figure out the difference between day & night before I bring down the whole crew for a visit.  but soon, very SOON  :-)  It'll be soooo fun!!!
photo courtesy of Shelly Harnisch - don't they look awesome!
Congratulations Jason & Bethany!!
You make a beautiful family of four!!  :-)

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