The Harnisch Family

The Harnisch Family

Aug 17, 2010

An Afternoon with the twins

I was so excited to be able to spend the afternoon with Neeley and Grady today!  Due to the fact that Jason went back to work today.  tear.  My friend Becca and I worked out an arrangement to watch each other's kiddos so that we could take turns going over and offering Bethany a couple extra hands.  So, I dropped McKenzie & Macy off at her house to play with Isabel and Blake...while I went over to chat with Bethany and watch over her little ones while she ran a couple errands.  I'd say I drew the "long straw" today...but I'll watch the four kiddos Wednesday, while Becca gets a turn to spend the day with the little bundles. 
We had them nice and full before she left.  As a result they slept the entire time and were eezie-peezie for me.  I was in heaven just watching them and could not resist holding them, even though they were not necassarily asking for it.  hehe.
I also could not resist setting them next to each other and taking a few photos.  I love how they just melt into one another  :-)  Each time one of them made a significant movement, I shot a pic.  AWWWWW, they were SOOO entertaining!  Ope, he moved his hand, better snap another one  :-) 
Grady's on the left...Neeley's on the right...check out her sweet sweet smile  :)
Neeley must have been having warm dreams, because she kept grinning!
I decided we needed to go outside for a while and take advantage of this gorgeous "mid-80's day.  Ja & Bethany have an awesome front porch that extends the entire length of their house.  It is super relaxing!  We were in the shade and there was even a nice little breeze coming in  :-)
It also worked out well for us to be outside, so that hopefully Bethany was able to catch a few zzzz's inside.  These little boogers are still eating every 2 to 3 hours, so they keep mommy & daddy pretty busy 24/7.  It made me feel good to hopefully help out just a little bit.  Afterall, Ja & Beth have watched over our girls SEVERAL times...also, I kind of feel like I want to do a little "paying it forward".  Many of my family, friends, especially my dad, have spoiled me these last few months, by watching over my little's.  It was super full-filling to be over there today  :-)
"front porch sittin'
seriously?  can they be any more content?  I don't think so!
Neeley's on the left...Grady's on the right
We sat outside for over two hours...
One might think that all these pictures are starting to look the same after a while...but I assure you they are NOT.  Grady kept moving his arms into super cute positions, so of course, I had to click away.  And how, tell me, how? do you delete any of these shots?  I dunno.
Jason came home from work to the four of us chillin' on the front porch.  I'm not sure, but I'm quite certain, seeing Neeley and Grady out there awaiting his arrival on the front porch might have been the highlight of his day.  I don't want to speak for Ja...but I'm pretty sure.  :-)

Okay, I better step away from the computer...I've gotta get the house ready for Bunco tomorrow!  That's right...Going to have a wild and crazy time at my house with my Bunco gals tomorrow night!  Fun-Fun  :-)

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