The Harnisch Family

The Harnisch Family

Aug 12, 2010

Waterloo Library & Fun @ the Firebarn

My friend Lindsey and I had planned to take our littles to a local sprayground today...however, this heat is too much.  Not a good day to be outside with babies.  It's the 5th day in a row of 110+ degree heat index...Sooo, plan B.  The Waterloo library it is!  I LOVE this library.  The kids section is wonderful.  A very user/kid friendly layout, lots of books, puzzles and stuffed animals!  I could spend hours is fun to just BE here.  

Yes...McKenzie HAD to wear a gymnastics leotard and a tu-tu.  I tried to get her change before leaving the house, but she threw a fit.  "Pick your battles" right?  She is just SOOO excited to begin gymnastics classes next week. I DVR'd a "real life" USA competition the other day and she watches it OVER and OVER (she even listens intently to the judges critiques)...she somersaults and poses all over the living room floor.  toooo cuuuute  :-)  She attempts the splits, but unfortunately, she is not near as flexible as her baby sister.
Lindsey reading a Finding Nemo book to the girls
 McKenzie says "Here it is, I find it"!
Lyla finds it this time!
They both found it this time...check out Macy dancing in the background  :-)
Baby Evie playing with her soccer ball rattles...AKA baby weights.   Lyla hid these little rattles and we had the librarian on quite a scavenger hunt searching for them, but she didn't mind, she's super sweet.  Nope, not in the Cat-in-the-Hat-car-shaped-tin...but they were in the blue crate that houses the hand puppets.  hehe  :-)
  Doesn't she look amazing, you would not have even known she just had major brain surgery a few short weeks ago.  What a fighter this girl is!  The scar on her head (that goes from ear to ear) is healing very nicely, plus her hair is filling back in quickly after having to have her entire head shaved  :-)  Evie is going to be a year old soon, and a few days ago her parents got a great prognosis update...she's, as her mommy puts it "out of the life threatening woods"...she is truly a miracle!
awww...look they're holding hands  :-)
Kenzie and Lyla had fun hanging out in the "teen area".
Both of them were quite drawn to the "Sweet Valley High Twin" book series.  haha.  too funny.  I loved reading all those books when I was young!  Both these girls, along with cousin Anna, are going to be in the same gymnastics class starting next Thursday...woo-hoo.  Bring on the acrobatic fun!
After the library, we stopped over at Grandpa's house for a quick hello...and he insisted on treating us to lunch at the Firebarn.  Who are we to turn down a free lunch! 
This is such an amazing mural painted by Peyton Lewis.  Kenzie was checking it out.
"Look mom, it's THIS big" says McKenzie
playing the big kid video games
of course, she had to try to climb up the fire pole.
She wanted to be just like her Aunts' Heather, Keri & Lisa.  She heard they climbed it after a Fireman's banquet.  haha  I'll have to track down that photo and post it next time.  but that's for another blog post   :-)  LOL

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