The Harnisch Family

The Harnisch Family

Feb 20, 2012

Our Special Olympics NE "Athlete of the Week"!

Oh my goodness.  I can't even begin to describe how thrilled Macy is to have achieved this distinct honor.  Our little Miss is being featured as Special Olympics Athlete of the Week.  I have been told she is the youngest "AOTW" so far.  :-)
here's a link to check her out perhaps it's not Macy, rather, me who's most excited. I think I may be guilty of "living vicariously" through my daughter...just a teeny bit.  I mean seriously!   How many of you (certainly not me) can say they were honored as athlete of a statewide "anything"...let alone at the ripe old age of TWO.  This girl is nothing short of amazing.  Her sweet smile, fierce determination, go-getter attitude and winning spirit is contagious!  Can't we all learn just a little something through her.  Go Macy GO!
It's true she has not worked as hard or has accomplished near as much as the amazing athletes featured before her (Jack, David, Jason, John, Kristina, Alan, etc...all have long lists of events and their "Gold Medal Moments" are a bit more impressive).  Macy, with good reason, is humble, but still has much to be proud of I'd say (okay, I'm her mom, I have to say that don't I?).  hehe 
Her "Profile" above (in case it's difficult to make out) I reads:
Name: Macy Harnisch
Age: 2
Hometown: Elkhorn
SONE Program: Macy is involved in our Young Athletes Program
Years with SONE: This is her first year!
Gold Medal Moment: Macy really enjoys participating in the Special Olympics “Young Athletes Program” over at Elite Cheer. She has been going since she turned two, so it’s been a few months now! Her favorite things at YAP are the rings, hoops, cones, mats, and of course the LARGE wall size mirror that she can watch herself in. She especially loves making those PT students chase after her as she runs from obstacle to obstacle. Our girl is so full of energy and excited to try out every new thing. This is why I am so encouraged by Special Olympics. I know that because of the large variety of opportunities that exist through SONE, and the many volunteers who give so much of their time, the sky’s the limit for Macy and all her friends! I am excited to see what’s in store for her. Thanks Special Olympics Nebraska for all you do! It’s genuinely appreciated.
I would be lying if I didn't say that I'd be a little disappointment if she did not choose to play sports when she gets older...Yes, we are going to encourage her to try everything and allow her the opportunity to decide what her strengths are and determine where her passions lie.  Whether she's an artist, a musician,  dancer, an athlete, a scholar, whatever she chooses, we'll support her and CHEER HER ON.
But, I LOVED sports - sports were a HUGE part of my upbringing.  I lived and breathed sports as a young girl (ehem, TOM -BOY) growing up.  And I genuinely believe that participating in organized athletic programs, especially Special Olympics, builds character, molds a well rounded, healthy, physically fit, disciplined and respectful individual.  The simple act of being included on a team encourages confidence and empowers people to be the BEST they can be!  Can help build up self-esteem and motivate children to excel academically as well as improve social skills.
The list goes on and on really.  But, I think you get the picture, so I'll stop there.

And let me add, that on the very night Macy was born. Several hours after learning of Macy's Down Syndrome Diagnosis...It was cold, dark, quiet, all our guests were gone.  Joe and I trembled.  We were broken.  We were sad, but mostly confused and worried.  But I must say that one thing that brought a glimmer of hope and anticipation and perhaps provided me a sense of familiarity (of a world I knew NOTHING about), something I could grasp, understand and actually relate to was Special Olympics.  I was not 100% certain just yet what this extra chromosome meant for our sweet new angel, but I did wonder (didn't say it out loud, but did think) right then and there..."does this mean that some day she could be a Special Olympian?"  "WOW".  The idea intrigued me.  It did bring a smile to my face, a happy tear to me eye and even for that split second a sense of excited anticipation of what was to come for our sweet girl.  Everything else, (the science behind it all, the possible medical issues, physical and intellectual disability part) was foreign to me.  But this?  I got.

I want to leave you with a special poem from Macy's Grandpa Lee.
Apparently the other day Macy was telling him all about how she was going to be in the Special Olympics.  And what she thought about this BIG DEAL...

Macy's poem (via my dear dad) is entitled:

Special Olympian
I AM a Special Olympian
you MIGHT SEE me limp in the long jump
But I WILL SHOW you I can fly
Some may see me as a bird with a broken wing
which is NO big deal toME
Because I AM a Special Olympian
Which IS a BIG deal to BE

I AM a Special Olympian
You MIGHT not stopwatch my long run
But I WILL run the race
Some may see me as a racehorse with a hoof crack
which is NO big deal to ME
Because I AM a Special Olympian
Which IS a BIG deal to BE

I AM a Special Olympian 
You MIGHT see me kick some hurdles
But I WILL work my way over, under, around and through
Some think I hurdle like a NINJA on a bad hair day
which is NO big deal to ME
Because I AM a special Olympian
Which IS a BIG deal to BE

I LOVE to kick hurdle @$$...and leave behind of pile of splinters

Fiercely yours,
Macy (aka Sweetie Pie)

P.S.  Instead of shotput throwing I wish they had a kiss blowing 
I can throw those things half way around the world
I would be SOOOO Gold Medal in that event.

Thanks Dad (and Macy)  I Love it!!!

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  1. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Grandpa Lee's poem!! So perfect. Seems like something that should be published by the Special Olympics.