The Harnisch Family

The Harnisch Family

Jun 30, 2011

Heat Advisory has been issued...let's ALL go to the Spray-ground

We met up with lots of mom's and little one's from our "Mom's & Little One's" group at a park and had a picnic today. 
I'd like to say it was fun, but the jury's still out on that.  Sure it was great catching up and chatting with several other mom's.  But, let's be real.  It was 110 degree heat index.  Yes, there was a sprinkler, but that did not do much to help the many babies who were there.  Yikes!  Perhaps our next "picnic at the park" will be a little cooler  :-)
On our way home we stopped at a local Spray-Ground (or splashpark as some call it) to cool off a bit.  The kids had a really FUN time!
Since I was waaaay to hot to take pics at the picnic, I made up for it at the spray-ground  :-)
 It was jam-packed with lots of kids...but that didn't stop McKenzie from running in as fast as she could!
 She's usually timid around & crowds...but not today  :-)
 Cousin Ally's ready to go in too.
 Having fun with Nemo
 It was 30 degrees cooler near the joke  :-)
 Macy's turn to check it out.
 She wasn't quite sure what to think at first.
 Check out the rainbow!!  :-)
 she's still "soaking it all in" with a bit of caution...
 Ally comes over to give her a little pep-talk.
 Macy loves ALL her cousins...Ally ranks among the top of them (today at least)  :-)
After the little pep-talk, Macy was READY.  Ready to have some big time FUN!
 Cousin Brook to the he quickly moves her out from under a bucket that was about to splash on her head.  What a good boy.  Thanks for looking out for her Brook  :)
 She was on a mission.
 Couldn't slow her down for a second...had to check out every puddle, splish-splash & mist.
 Are you diggin' the piggies?  me too  :-)
 Macy watches the big girls play with the frog.
 What a brave little girl she is.  Not scared of NOTHIN!
 Big sis thinks she is getting too close, so she pulls her back to "safety".
 What a good big sister!

 On the run again.
 It's like she was silently directing all the other kids and telling them what to do.  Our little dictator.
 um.  flexible much. Low tone more like it.
 Now she's choreographing the water.
 Dog Days of Summer.
 This is a GREAT tooth shot.  Check out those two new top pearly whites.  She now has four in all  :-)
 momma's little cheese-ball.
 Time to go home...can't wait for our next visit!!!  This spray-ground was awesome.  we are looking forward to checking out a few others around town.
Now we're off to Macy's 18 month check up.  The COOK CLUB!  
"Kid-less" cook club I might add  :-) Momma deserves a break.  Especially since daddy just got home from a work Disney World of all places.  rough huh?  yeah, that's what I thought.  LOL
mmm good!
Then tomorrow we're headed out to the lake for the 4th of July weekend.  Lots of family, fireworks, food and fun festivities going on in Woodcliff all weekend.

Jun 27, 2011

My B-Day & Elkhorn Days!

So I celebrated my big "three-one" a few days ago...I spent the entire day with my Grandma & Grandpa.  I am so glad for this as it happened to be his last day here with us.  What a wonderful gift :-)
Thanks to everyone for your kind messages, texts, cards & the 100's of facebook notes regarding my B-Day.  How VERY sweet!!!  I got some purdy flowers from my ma & pa.  And, my dad brought over a delicious cake for us all to share  :-)
 it was baseball (get it?  CWS?)  :-)
 McKenzie and Macy sampled all the corners and made sure each "color" had an adequate amount of sugar...they passed.
 more "sampling" taking place in the background.  :-)
This past Saturday was Elkhorn Days!
Although are little town had, within the last few years, been annexed by the "Big O", it still celebrates it's small town heritage and continues to carry out old traditions.  Elkhorn Days being one of them.
Lots of festivities and celebrations on the Main Street and tons of family/carnival stuff over at Ta-Ha-Zouka Park...Since I was a slacker in the picture department this whole week, I made up for it at the parade!  :-)  It was delayed due to inclement AM weather, but the sun showed it's face and it made for gorgeous conditions an hour later  :-)
 The girls arguing in the double-wide stroller.  "MOM, her hands are my side!!"  
ah geez, it's starting already?
 The, becoming all too-familiar, failed "mommy/daughter" photo-op.  What a sweetie!?
 Macy put on a little parade of her own prior to the start.  There you go kid, wear off some of the pent-up energy  :-)
 The girl scouts lead the parade.  Oh how Kenzie longs for the day to be a GIRL SCOUT.
 Macy waves to a couple politicians as they walk by and practices her beauty queen wave.  
Elbow.  Elbow.  Wrist.  Wrist.
 Checkin' herself out in daddy's glasses.  "Do I have something on my face?"
 The girls got TONS of candy (of which have since been "strategically hidden"), but the Popsicle were a BIG hit!
 hi-ya!  got a good shot of some guy breaking a board.
 In the meantime...daddy is STILL trying to bite the Popsicle open with his teeth.  Macy is, as you can see, getting VERY impatient!
 aaaahhhh!  "It feels soooo good on my two brand new upper teeth" she says
 Kenzie LOVES hot air balloons...all shapes, sizes & colors...even TAX service advertisement ones  :-)
Aunt Heather was passing out candy for the Bethany 85 float.  SCORED a HUGE handful.
Thanks Aunt Heather  :-)
 A happily entertained Macy.  She mostly just likes to people watch at the parade.
 kick your feet up and relax a bit why don't ya  :-)
sportin' her Nike kickers  :-)
following the parade we ventured down the street, beat the crowd and got ourselves a good table at a local favorite restaurant.  Boyd & Charley's!
 Macy pounds on the table and says "can a girl get a little service around here?!"
seriously, I swear, we CAN'T take her anywhere anymore.
 She inhales her crackers while she waits for the her meal...geesh, you'd think she hadn't eaten in a century the way she devoured them!  And she is FAR from mastering the fine art of table manners, it's a work in progress.  Where's the dog to vacuum up her crumbs when you need him??
McKenzie, on the other hand, was a perfect angel as she waited for her food to arrive.  Which is a rarity these, yes, it is BLOG-WORTHY when it happens  :-)
We've just been laying low lately.  Taking in some CWS action...Going on lots of long drives in the car...taking many a day neighborhood walks...and visiting several area parks...Early Intervention parties...and such...  Summer is off to a wonderful start so far!!
Hope yours is going well too  :-)

btw - Macy is going to be 18 months old tomorrow!!!!  Where does the time go???  she's a BIG one & half year old now.  :-)
love her  :-)