The Harnisch Family

The Harnisch Family

Jun 18, 2011

Texas trip Day 3 (pt 1)

After breakfast, we enjoyed a lovely AM swim...yet another pool party!
 It was just as enjoyable in her swimsuit Macy says.
 Can't you go any higher mommy??
oh, and I almost forgot to mention that this was the day Macy also decided to STAND for the first you may recall from this previous blog post...check out video here.
 McKenzie hanging out in the hot tub with the big kids...
 Kenzie & Dani
 The top of Aunt Lisa's head...
 my little fishie.
 faster mom!
 Cousin Danielle taking Macy in for a dip.
 Kenzie and cousin Anna
 Hi Ally!
 Macy looking up to her favorite cousin Erika!
 "no offense Dani, but move over...I want Erika now!"  geesh.
 McKenzie HAPPY (ecstatic really) to be wearing cousin Anna's life jacket.  Anna was SOO nice to share...but let's just say we had to take Kenzie on a not so fun, good-old-fashioned "a$$-h0le" walk when we tried to take it off and return it to it's rightful owner.
Oh the art of sharing...such a tough lesson for us all  :-)
note to self:  next time we come to Texas...BRING A LIFE JACKET for Kenzie!
 "see Mom" Macy says.
 "THIS is how high I want to go"
 "takin' a break"
 "Texas is hot momma!"
 Grandma Lee (my mom) watching everyone swim.
Our pool party was once again cut short, as it was NOW time to get the girls to yet another beauty salon.  This time to get their hair all done-up for the wedding this evening!!!  :-)
The fun is about to officially begin!
 Pretty girl BEFORE pic
 "Is it flower-girl time yet?"...almost  :-)
 me & my princess...can't wait to see her all dolled-up soon.
 Lisa & Ally
 Beauty Queen Anna sits pretty while her locks get curled.
 Ally doing VERY well and sitting really still, all the while this dude has no clue what he's doing...
 Hi Dani!
Heather caught a fun pic of me catching a peek in the mirror at McKenzie  :-)
 My sister Keri posing next to her sweetie
 McKenzie sat still with this expressionless face the entire time.  She was having fun, just taking it VERY seriously  :-)
Beautiful Danielle.
JUST beautiful!
 Thankfully a couple other gals (the ones who did Anna & Danielle's perfect hair" stepped in to offer some advice to Kenzie stylist.  :-)  They took over and finished up Ally's do too.
The AFTER we must HUSTLE to the church where the pre-wedding photoshoot is about to begin!!!  
We arrived to the church JUST in time and with not a second to spare!

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