The Harnisch Family

The Harnisch Family

Jun 18, 2011

Texas trip Day 2

We arose slowly, in TRUE vacation fashion, out of our beds the morning of day least until the baby-bears got hungry and started growling for some food.  We headed down to the hotel eating area, where there was AT ALL TIMES OF THE DAY at least a dozen or so family members hanging around, for breakfast.
The big boys (Joe included) went golfing with the groom to-be and 75 or so of his closest friends.  It was a HOT ONE from what I hear!!!  Several more members of our family took the hour & half drive to experience NASA.  I can't wait to see some of their pics :-)   Meanwhile, myself and some other girls stayed back and hopped on over to a local salon (thanks for making the reservations aunt Patty), for a little pampering.  :-)
 Lisa & Ally getting a "mommy & me" pedicure.
 Maddy and her Grandma are next!
 McKenzie's turn...her nails were in serious need of some attention.  hehe
 My aunt Jodeen and her sweet girls Megan & Andrea got a whole room to themselves for their pedicures.  :-)
 Kenzie sat still very well for her toes to be painted.
 Maddy chose those colors all by herself.  She smiles, because shes knows that her mom Jan, had she been there, would NOT have approved.  tehe  :-)
 Ally, getting a pretty pink flower girl color painted on her toes.
While the above pics seem to deceivingly create the perception that we had a relaxing & enjoyable spa experience with our sweet was FAR from rejuvenating for me and least the second part.  Once our girls were finished with their pampering, it was my and Lisa's turn to get mani'd.  Sooo...while our hands were literally tied, our girls were growing restless and LOUD!  It went against every fiber of my being to not be able to do anything to intervene...only being able to sit there and not do anything about their bad behaviors.  I was definitely NOT feeling like mother of the year, let's just say that.  Thank goodness, my aunt Jodeen was able to step in and help out when we couldn't.  She "separated" them, spun them in chairs, took them for walks and gave them suckers.  VERY NICE!!!  Her help was SOOO much appreciated!!!!  
I guess this just served as a stark reminder as to why we, "stay-at-home" moms, do not frequent the beauty salons too often.
 McKenzie and Ally show off their finished fingers!
 Me and my sweet (most of the time) little girlie.
 her and her pink nails & me with my french manicured SHILLACKED nails  :-)
 While we were away, Macy got to spend some quality time at the hotel with Grandma...she was the perfect-well-behaved angel until Grandpa returned from golfing with the boys...when he encouraged her to JUMP on the bed.  Naughty girl...are we supposed to jump on the furniture??
 "But it was Grandpa's idea"!... I know, I know...what do you do right??
 While big sis took a much needed nap, Macy I took a walk to the pool to chit-chat with some family members who just arrived in...our plan was to just sit near the pool...but it didn't take long before the 100+ temps forced us into the water to cool-off.
 Macy didn't seem to mind...CLOTHED & ALL!
 We were too lazy to go all the way back upstairs to get her suit, so what the heck, why the heck not??
 Silly girl was in a heaven!
 She sure does LOVE the water!
me too  :-)
 Great Aunt Kim providing some much needed nourishment.
 My dad's little sisters...Karen & MaryBeth.
 While I made an effort to at least keep her clothes somewhat attempts were pointless as soon as Grandpa Lee got a hold of her.
 oh well...we're on vacation right?
 time to just chill and not worry about breaking a few rules.
 "gimme some more" she says  :-)
Our pool party was cut short as we needed to clean up and get the flower girls to the church for some practice!
 McKenzie enjoying the sweet flower ball she was given from Ally the bride  :-)
 The four flower girls stand up on the alter for a quick pic.
 It's safe to say that Ally, Danielle, Anna & McKenzie were STOKED for their gigs.
 They listened well, followed directions and were taking their jobs seriously.  Myself and the other proud momma's just sat back in our pews, and watched proudly as our big girls took instructions from the bride, wedding party & coordinator.
 The beautiful bride-to-be, Allye, with her flower girls and ring-bearer at the rehearsal dinner.
Loope's Tortilla was DELISH!
 Allye & Kenzie
Miss Danielle with the newest soon-to-be member of the "Lee clan", Allye.
Brave girl  :-)
After the rehearsal dinner, we stopped by Uncle Dan & Aunt Patty's house where they were once again playing host to SEVERAL other out of town family members.  A yummy pasta dinner was on the menu for them.  It was nice catching up with them before heading back to the hotel for some shut-eye.  But not before hanging out pool-side with some aunt's, uncles & cousins until the LATE evening hours  :-)

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