The Harnisch Family

The Harnisch Family

Jun 18, 2011

Terry & Allye's beautiful wedding & reception

 My sister Heather did manage to capture one photo of the girls walking down the aisle after the ceremony...Danielle up front, then Kenzie, then Anna, followed by Ally  :-)
 Kenzie, Erika & Anna after the wedding.
 run Anna RUN!
 Walking up the grand staircase of the clubhouse into the beautiful reception hall!  It was spectacular!
 I'd say this is an appropriate groomsmen it!
 mmm.  looks yummy!
 Dan, Keri, Erika, Chad & Heather
 "The Kids table" - some of my cousins...Andrea, Karly, Johnny, Steven, Katie, Megan & Becky.
 Jim, Ally, Lisa & Brook
 Tim & Whitney (who got just a little sun the day before)
 Kathy, Ron & MaryBeth
 Andrea & Karly...Johnny checking texts in the background.
 Uncle Dave shakes his little bros hand (Dan the father of the groom) & my cousin Jackie.
 Dad & Mom
 two of my favorite people...
 my three favorite people!  I love Macy's silly expression back there.
 Jackie and her uncle Tom.
 Me & Little Miss Macy
 She danced the night away  :)
 I love her  :-)
 erika does too.

 Allye and her dad dancing the father daughter dance.
 The song was that he wrote and sang.  just amazing!
 Not a dry eye in the place...
  I hope to get the lyrics and a copy of his song and post it here soon  :-)
 Terry dancing with his stunningly beautiful momma!
 very sweet.
 That's the bride's parents snuggling in the background.  awww!  Still in love after all these years  :-)
 McKenzie had a long day and crashed HARD before the night was over.
 All the Texas A&M grads doing a traditional dance of sorts.
 pretty cool

 The bouquet toss turned out to be an all out brawl!  The bride was brought down with them a few seconds later.  guess they really want to get married too!
 My old man.
 The couple made a "Grand Exit" and it was awesome!
 Everyone gathered outside the clubhouse with bubbles and waited for them to walk down the staircase and exit the building...
Quite a SIGHT!
 Ally's mom, dad & some friends hugging it out as the happy couple drives away in their fancy town car.  The moment was very "Father of the Bride-ish"
Macy, who unlike her sister, was still WIDE awake!!
In fact, she partied with us and several other cousins by the pool back at the hotel well into the early morning hours.  What can I say...mother of the year right here.  Hey - we were on vacation and she was a having a good time!!  And provided some fun entertainment too  :-)
This pic below was orchestrated and taken by one of my studious & wise uncles.  I will not tell you who it was, but let's just say...he's an architect...
Names and faces have been blurred to protect identities of the innocent...
no worries though.  
I ASSURE you this can was NOT open.  In fact, the coldness felt really good on those two top teefers she has coming in  :-)  She's working on teeth #'s 3 & 4!  :-)

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