The Harnisch Family

The Harnisch Family

Jun 18, 2011

Texas Trip Day 4 (BBQ @ the Lee's!!)

After a lazy Sunday morning and another little swim party back at the hotel...everyone ventured back over to Dan & Patty's house for one final Wedding related get-together.  BBQ time!!!
Their home is located inside the city limits, but they have a HUGE yard, several acres I'd say...Awesome BBBQ catered in, with enough snacks and beverages to satisfy an army (those were needed on this 126+ degree day).  Two large bounce house obstacles courses, various lawn games & beer pong entertained the kids and adults alike  :-)
150+ people just having a great old time!!
 Maddi and Dani race down the obstacle course slide...yikes  :-)
 Uncle Dave goes (or should I say crashes) down...I'm pretty sure he felt that the next day!
 My Dad with all of his younger siblings posing for a picture!
 The 8 "Lee Kids" - Dan, Ron, Tom, Karen, Dave, Mary Beth, Kevin & Garry (my dad)
 Tom, Dan (hiding in the back), Ron, Karen, Dave, Mary Beth, Kevin & Garry.
 Macy sitting with Sister Theresa Marie (She is my aunt Patty's aunt) from Milwaukee.  
What a sweet, kind and gentle soul she is...she had some very nice things to say to me about my little angel Macy.  She works with several individuals with Down Syndrome and various other types of intellectual disabilities back home.  She told me (in a very sincere and genuine way) that people with Down Syndrome may be retarded, but they are NOT stupid.  I took that as a compliment of course.  The (R Word is not thrown around as much these days - it has for the most part been replaced with the term "intellectually disabled" - but it is still a medical term - It's difficult to describe how uncomfortable and hurtful that word is, but not coming from her of course)...I could see her enjoying Macy's presence very much  :-)
 some of the cousins racing.
 trying to cool off in the shady areas...
 I just wanted my sweet angel to STOP and pose for just ONE photo with me.
 Is that too much to ask for??
 Apparently it is...not sure if you can tell, but I practically have her in a choke hold here  :-)
 "okay fine" she says.  "Just one."  "But I'm NOT going to smile".
 Dylan trying to keep the course from getting too hot!
 Gramps and his favorite girl  :-)
 The boys club
 Macy giving it a test drive
 Wasn't quite sure what to make of it.
 Get me outta here she says!
 Me and my sister Lisa - before she turned into a muddy mess.  hehe
 This is love.

 Anna trying to keep Kenzie cool.  Nothin' like a hose in the face  :-)
 Allye standing around with some friends.
Joe, Chad, Dan & Jim...the brother-in-laws...funny how they're all facing different directions.

 Karen with her baby girl Becky
 Lisa and Ally atop the slide
 My cousin Amber with her 7-month old baby girl Gracie.
 Sisters!  My cousins, Becky & Katie
 Erika & Lisa just got done with an intense race...Erika kicked her butt I must say.  She kicked almost everyone's butts, even the boys.  Our pretty cheerleader has turned jock on us  :-)
 More of baby Grace
 One of the relay teams strategizing for the next race.
they had several pairing...boys vs. girls...Texas A&M grads vs. the Lee's...olds vs. youngs....
 It was a muddy, but FUN, mess.

 the boys doing a victory dance.
 creating a photo-op of sorts...see the girl on the ground with the camera?  hehe
 Me and my muddy mess of a sister Heather...
I believe this pic was taken right after I fell in a hole a sprained my ankle.  Yep, great timing huh??  It is STILL, today, 5 days later, swollen & bruised.  bah  :-(
 Hey, here's an idea.  How about all of you go down at the exact same time?!
 Brook yells at them and tells them to be more careful.
It's a wonder no one got hurt...oh wait...someone did.  One of the groomsmen suffered a minor concussion, but was otherwise okay.  It did put a little damper on the festivities though!

 The Witts.
 Terry & his groomsmen

 I actually really like this shot.  I think it portrays the craziness of the day quite nicely.  :-)
 No this is not an illustion...the thermometer TRULY reads 126 degrees.  YIKES!
 This shot is another appropriate representation of the day.
 Allye in the middle of the mess of people.  haha
Hi Anna - YOU be careful  :-)
Once the day/evening started to wind down, all of us "Garry Lee" family members said our goodbyes, grabbed some fun craft stuff for the kids and headed south towards Galveston.
Some fun beach house and ocean shots to come tomorrow!!

Dan, Patty, Robert Terry & Allye.  Again.  THANK YOU for the WONDERFUL week!!  You were all SUCH gracious hosts.  We can't thank you enough for all your generosity and kindness :)

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