The Harnisch Family

The Harnisch Family

Jun 19, 2011

Galveston - pt 3

On our last night we had dinner at the Fisherman's Wharf...
Macy looks thrilled doesn't she?

cool views of the port from over here :-)
McKenzie was fascinated by the huge (or as she calls it cuewwge) fishtanks!
little sis wants to color too don't ya know.
Yep, on this final night of vaca, we gave in and allowed the toddler to watch a movie on her the dinner table. She is starting to think that this vacation stuff is getting old...
we also gave in and were willing to do anything at this point to keep the 1&1/2 year occupied as well. Sure, why not? Dump water on the table for her to play with. Go RIGHT ahead :-)
She was having a bawl!!! Splish - Splash :-) big sis poors a little more on the table.
what can I say, we're a classy bunch...but hey, we're at the Fisherman's Wharf...anything goes right?
How do you say no to that smile? hehe
little family pic (minus me as usual)
Thanks DAD for ruining for what could have potentially been a great shot.
our waiter offered to take our nice! :-)
check out that big boat behind us!
After dinner, we took another road trip...this time to the far West side of the island.
We spotted these fellow vacationers stuck in the drifting Joe jumped out to give them a push.
Too funny! So there. That's his good deed for the day. Moving on!
As we drove a bit further down the island towards the west, it started to get narrower and narrower. Soon, we could see from one side (South was the Gulf & to the North was the Bay) to the other. The land was perfectly flat, which is the major reason the white dusty sand was drifting and blowing (like snow) over the roadway. It was a cool sight!
It was about 8:30. Just in time to catch a sunset.
The Moon was rising over the Gulf just as the Sun was setting into the Bay. I didn't get a good moon shot though :-( I was too busy playing with camera settings.
I would LOVE to be writing how this was so peaceful, serene and amazing. But, that would be a lie. Unfortunately this did not exactly turn out to be the case for the Harnisch family that night. We had two very tired and irate girls in the backseat...Kenzie crying because she wants TO GO HOME! Not the "beach" home...her REAL home...the one with her scooters and bike! She was MAD at us! And because she was mad, little sister decided to be mad too.
So, while this was certainly a HIGH point of our was at that exact moment the LOW point as well...that's just how it goes right? Sounds like life to me.
But we pushed through. We continued with our drive westward - despite the loud raucous coming from the backseat. And even though Joe and I were getting on each other's last nerve & arguing a bit.
I continued to snap pics. Not just for me. But for my dad. I KNEW he would appreciate seeing these photos. For anyone who knows him, know he rarely misses an opportunity to take in a sunrise or sunset. It's like his church. I believe he finds peace and tranquility in experiencing & observing these moments daily. Taking time out of daily schedules to enjoy sunrises and sunsets are definitely things we "young folk" take for granted. My dad would say we do not stop and absorb these times enough.
But to disclaim...he doesn't have mouths to feed, bottoms to wipe, bodies to dress and beings to lay to rest in his home any more either...easier said than done right? He understands, been there, done that! :-)
But even can NOT deny the beauty of this scene!
This is the same Sun we see back home in Nebraska...but it looks much MUCH different here.
This reminds me of the walk Dad begged everyone to go on the morning before. No one wanted to go. And in their defense, his timing was HORRIBLE. It was early, but not early enough...Everyone was packing up their stuff to prepare for their travels home. The clock was ticking and flights were still "on-time". But dad really wanted to walk the beach ONE. LAST. TIME.
Bless his little heart!
Me, Keri & Colton gave in and walked the beach with him one last time.
Though she was stressed & now sweaty in her "traveling home" clothes...I know that Keri looks back on that final walk today and is glad she did it. Afterall it was much more than just a walk to her father.

Kind of reminds me of the new Trace Adkins song I just heard for the FIRST time tonight...
JUST FISHIN listen TO it :-)

"And she thinks we're just fishin'...we ain't only fishin'...this isn't about fishin'."
Okay, well. Enough with the sappy stuff. We woke up slowly the next day. Had to pack, clean up and check out! Of to the airport we go :-) Galveston - it's been real. Until next time my friend!
I took a few Houston skyline pics...well...because just when I start to think Omaha's is impressive I visit a big city...any OTHER big city and it blows O-town's out of the water :-)
McKenzie thought so too.
We got back to airport and McKenzie became quickly reacquainted with her friend, the escalator. Not many escalator opportunities back home! We do not frequent the mall much these days...We nearly tumbled a few times, as her timing is a little off, plus I was carrying three loads of luggage all the while balancing her unsure & not so confident movements. 1 - 2 - 3 JUMP! But we managed to work it out. And she was SOO proud of herself and on top of the world for conquering those fast moving staircases :-)
we had some time to kill so we played at a little airport arcade of sorts.
She was a loser...but didn't seem to mind.
Little does she know, there was no money inserted into her "car"...but again, she didn't seem to mind. She was having fun crashing her car around anyway!
me and my travel buddy-love bug!
McKenzie looking on as our plane pulls up to the gate :-)
One last Kenzie photo for the trip! She's a happy flier :-)

Joe took a sneak pic of Macy and I napping.

The flight home was a little bitter-sweet for several reasons. Our long-awaited. eagerly anticipated trip was over! But I was anxious get home and spend time with my Grandpa. :-)
Also, I was able to console and soothe Macy on the flights down via nursing...however...I've been contemplating it for a while and decided that I would give up nursing on this trip. We were on the run the so much and the summer schedule is busy, she has mastered the sippy cups and was only getting my milk at breakfast & dinner now pretty much was time. We eased into our "weening" process just right. Plus she's getting teeth #'s 3 & it makes sense to end it now right? But, it was still bitter-sweet at the same time :-(
In any case. This officially wraps up my vacation posts! I think I may have set a new world record for most blog posts by one person in a day. Yikes. Sorry friends, for the bombardment!! But I really wanted these for the "family book"! I, like my grand-father, am a JOURNALIST like that.

Speaking of my Grandpa Salisbury...please hold him high in your prayers. May God wrap his loving arms around him, care for him and keep him comfortable and at peace during these last few days with us.

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