The Harnisch Family

The Harnisch Family

Jun 18, 2011

Texas trip Day 3 (pt 2)

Pre-wedding pics!!!
 McKenzie, me & Anna...
 taking some practice shots before the photographer steals them away from us  :-)
 right before the wedding, Macy stopped by the dressing room for a pre-wedding visit to the bride.
 All the girls were so excited about the gorgeous bracelets they were given the night before.  A special gift of thanks for being flower girls  :-)  Aunt Patty made them by hand!
 Patiently waiting for their big moment...
 hovering over the bride-to-be  :-)  she was SOOO sweet to them...what a classy gal that Allye is.  So glad to have her as a member of our family. we are LUCKY!
 The girls with their great Aunt Patty.  She has done SOOO much to make these girls' experience special and memorable.  From the dinners & snacks, to the dresses, to the bracelets, to getting their hair all done-up, to the fun crafting station at the BBQ.  Aunt Patty you are THE BEST!!!!!   :-)
And, you look VERY VERY beautiful on this day of your sons wedding, I might add.  You are gleaming with happiness on this day!
 Once, again, us momma's just sat back and let the photographer tell the girls what to do and where to be  :-)
 There are no words to describe what this sight is making my heart feel.
 TWIRLING in their pretty princess dresses.  perfect!
Aunt Patty's idea  :-)
 Heather and her sweetheart Danielle!
 Ally & her momma!
 my princess and me  :-)
 Anna and Keri smile pretty for Heather's camera!

 some more waiting around in the dressing room... the wedding is over and it was BEAUTIFUL!  I did not snap any pics as I knew the photographer would do a fine job of capturing the moments.  I'm sure I can share some of those pics some other day in another post...
There was not a dry eye in the house as we all witnessed Terry see his beautiful bride for the first time in her gorgeous dress.  She looked like a princess walking down the aisle with her dear dad.
oh...and our flower girls did a magnificent job performing their specified "flower-girl tasks".   :-)
 The entire wedding party from a distance...a VERY good looking bunch.  made up mostly of recent Texas A&M grads  :-)
 Terry, Allye & part of their entourage.
 How sweet is this!?
 And this??
Again, there just are no words...

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