The Harnisch Family

The Harnisch Family

Jun 1, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend pt. 2

We left the lake and headed to Lincoln to enjoy a Sunday evening BBQ with the Masins/Harnisches.  Some family was in town from San Diego and made a quick stop in Lincoln on their way home from Georgia (do you follow?).  Talk about a cross-country trek!!!  yikes!
Then on Monday, while Joe crossed several "to-do-around-the-house" items off his list (what-a-man), the girls and I ventured back out to the lake.  We HAD to, the sun was actually peeking out, we had to take advantage of it!
Yay, Grandma & Grandpa Lee were still out there.  Everyone else had gone home, so it was a quiet and relaxing day, just the five of us  :-)
(I pre-emptively apologize for the overload of photos I am about to bombard you with...but it's late, I wanna go to bed & I'm too lazy to edit them down, so I'm just going to upload them all.  ha!) 
 What was I thinking, thinking Macy would stay CENTERED on the big blue picnic blanket and not be at all attracted to the tasty sand??
 oops, there she goes...RIGHT for the mouth!  sheesh kid!  :-(
I see another finger swipe about to happen.
 Kenzie and Grandpa catching some rays
 more fishing of course!  She wonders if Dylan left any for her??  :-)
 "It's not lookin' too promising" she tells Grandpa.
 I don't suppose the hookLESS bobber has anything to do with her failed attempts.
 Each girl had her each has their own water level preferences...
 1/2 inch for Macy & 7 inches for the (brave?) big sis!
 Macy love, love, LOVED every minute of playing in the water!!
 She kept trying to reach and bob for the animals painted on the bottom of the pool!
 Kenzie thought she'd try her luck at catching a fish in the pool.  Good luck with that kid.
 Lifeguard Grandpa keeping a close eye on the beach babes.
 Macy trying to climb over into the "big kid" pool...the "grass is always greener" right?
1 milisecond after taking this shot, big sis "accidentally" dropped the toy and super soaked little sis.  Macy didn't EVEN flinch.   What a "no-fear" dare-devil.  Like I've said before, we are gonna have our hands full with her.
 HA!  She was trying to shake this lady-bug off her hand.
 playing peek-a-boo and submerging her head into the water in the process...she LOVED it!!  :-)
 more water splashed in her face...but it was no big deal.
 The little swiper reaching for my sunglasses again.
As Dora would say "SWIPER, NO SWIPING!"
 silly goose!

 Time for a boatride!
 The girls' first of the season... first of many I'm sure  :-)
 me and my dad!
 didn't take long...Once we got out of the cove and began picking up speed, Macy was O.U.T!
 we checked out the new island cove dredged, widened & cleared out as a result of the "Replant Woodcliff" efforts...SANDY BOTTOM is VERY cool!!
 McKenzie and I had a good time chasing the dogs around and making a few new friends  :-)
 Patches made LOTS of new friends and tried jumping in several other people's boats.  silly dog!
 There must have been at least 20 or so boats back in here...never would have thought that would have been possible a year ago!
 the water was very clean and sandy back in the Sandy bottom island cove...
again, NOT the case a year ago...
 two dogs on the RUN.  exploring.

 these girls were so cute, having a blast dancing to the music on the deck of their boat.
 Macy was still O.U.T.
 Mom, dad, Kenzie and cabin neighbors Mark & Marilynn doing some "people watchin" from in the boat.  :-)
 Macy says "Dance Party USA!!!"
 Kenzie joins in for about two whole seconds...

 Macy checks herself out in Grandma's glasses.
We are looking forward to many more fun visits to Woodcliff this summer!!  Probably mostly during the week however, as many weekend are already filled up with stuff, weddings, trips, etc...
The weekend of the 4th of July is always jam-packed full of fun activities, festivities, fun-runs, fireworks & such, can't wait for that!

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