The Harnisch Family

The Harnisch Family

Jun 20, 2011

CWS 2011 - Opening Ceremonies

Since returning from our trip we've been spending as much time as possible at Grandma and Grandpa's place.  We've been there every day.  My Grandpa Salisbury (the girls' GREAT-Grandpa) is at home on Hospice care, meaning his time here with us is limited.  He is hanging in there, but is becoming less and less responsive each day.  He still manages to open his eyes slightly every so often and show his dimples a few times a day.  He seems to be selective as to who and what he responds to these days.  :-)  I think his favorites are Grandma Peg of course and Mason (my cousin Renae's little guy).  We had a big BBQ there last night.  ALL of us were there.  We held hands, said the Hail Mary and prayed together by his bedside.
With that being said, we still managed to take our little ones downtown to experience a bit of the College World Series.  If anyone would understand and appreciate this my Grandpa would.  He was quite the sports fanatic.  Hardly a Husker game he would miss.   He has been a season ticket holder for at least 50+ years I'm sure!  They even had a crew they traveled with to just about every away game...this was in his glory days. 
He and my Grandma have also always had season tickets for the CWS.  Any time I would go to a game at Rosenblatt I would be sure to stroll past their section behind home plate to see if they were in their seats  :-)  Up until a few years ago, they usually were...
below is a photo I found of Peg & Dick tailgating with friends...
Grandma & Grandpa are in the middle...are they cute or what?  That's him in his famous N hat.
And if those vehicles don't put a "time-stamp" on this pic, I'm not sure what would...

 It also seemed fitting that we'd take some time to visit the UP train parked right outside the stadium.  As if Brook would allow us to just walk by and not stop any way!  Both My Grandma and Grandpa worked their entire lives (all the way up till retirement) for good old Union Pacific Railroad.  This company's been good to them and vice-versa.  Big train enthusiasts!
Brook got a kick out of meeting a conductor.  He is STILL bragging about it!
 caught a side pic of a team as they just got off their bus and posed for their first pic at TD Ameritrade stadium.  Good luck Virginia!  Welcome to the CWS  :-)
 I can't even begin to imagine the amount of excitement and anticipation that is built up inside these young men.  Gives me chills!
 Our kiddos stopped for a pose in front of the famous statue next  :-)
 Take 1
 And...their done.
 Me and Macy!
 Lisa and Brook
 The kids - from inside the stadium.
take 1
 take 2
 Macy meets Vandy!  haha  priceless :-)
 the line for player autographs stretched a mile long in the concourse.  Just as it should be.  These players have come a LONG way to be here...they deserve a big fan-fare  :-)
 Watching Texas take the field for some BP
 Macy sitting on the dugout..."yeah, I know, I'm kind of a big deal".
 What a star!
These seats right here...being able to put my feet on the dugout...would be my all time dream season ticket seats...hint hint.  :-)
 Brook and Ally having a fun time
I used to want to be "that" girl.  I am still slightly envious.  I spent four years of college practicing my sideline sports reporting skills.  Not sure why ESPN has not come calling yet...maybe someday.  But for now, I'm still enjoying my momma-gig.
I'm not gonna lie, it was hot and borderline miserable as we walked around and took in more fanfest activites with the kids.  Zestos ice cream was calling our name big time.  So we stopped by their place before leaving the stadium -MMMM goooood.  :-)  
We are looking forward to heading back to the stadium tomorrow (without the kids) to see the first elimination game of the series.

But for now, the girls and I are going over to sit and keep G&G Salisbury company for the day.  
NO ONE should be alone as they go through a time such as this.

Check out a couple posts from last years' CWS - here and here - The final year at good old Johnny Rosenblatt stadium.
Yeah sure.  I miss that old stadium.  It had a unique charm & character, a deep history and so much tradition.  But TD Ameritrade is spectacular and STATE OF THE ART - definitely fitting as we move forward into the future.  This certainly puts Omaha in a good light  :-)  It's good to store & hold on tight to those memories of yesteryear and focus on creating many more in the years to come at this new place.

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