The Harnisch Family

The Harnisch Family

Jun 24, 2010

CWS #2

Just another night at the College World Series. Rosenblatt (diamond on the hill) stadium in all it's glory.

Truly the "Greatest Show on Dirt"

The day started off at 105 degrees (feels like temps) HOT!! miserable actually. Then a nice breeze came around at the start of the game. nice, very nice. A storm was brewin' and lightning forced NCAA officials to call the game in the 5th inning. For some reason I am not destined to take in a full game this year. oh well.
Now this is what it's all about right here. This South Carolina player just lost the game, his team was ELIMINATED :-( But he still managed to get a smile out and pose with my nephew Brook before boarding his bus. I hope these players truly understand how much these little kids look up to them. Win or lose, they are heroes! Thank you, Mr. Gamecock who-ever you are, for making my four year old nephew's night :-)

Brook enjoying himself a fine stadium "wimmer" hotdog.

Me & my sister Lisa...You can't come to the series and not pose in front of this statue...can you?

The Cooke families turn!

It was fun having Brook with us. Puts a new perspective on the CWS...Rather than the typical "adult pre-game" festivities of tailgating, we walked around fan-fest and watched Brook take part in some of the fun kid activities. Thanks COKE :-)

awww ice cream...I had to be sure to get the ZESTO sign in the background. Definitely a CWS staple.

okay, this was awesome. right after the 3rd inning, the fans in left field whipped out about 75+ beach balls (which as you know, but no one really knows why, are strictly prohibited) and started throwing them around. The ushers and grounds crew were having a hay day catching and destroying the balls. Those "beachball rebels" even got a standing ovation from several fans in the grandstand (including us).
I enjoyed following the Cooke's into the stadium as they tried to contain the little 4 year olds excitement. As they were walking forward to the stadium, his eyes were all around checking out all the site. So MANY people!

gross, it was so hot, we were sweaty messes!

After the game we had to head back to the stamp shop downtown to drop my Bro-in-law Jim off at his car. I wanted to snap a pic of his family business' building. This building is as old as Omaha, lots of history!

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