The Harnisch Family

The Harnisch Family

Jun 14, 2010

Bethany's Baby Shower

I had the pleasure of hosting another shower at our house yesterday...this one was for my sister-in-law Bethany. As you know, she is having twins!! We are all SO SO SO excited for her and Ja, they are going to be awesome parents!! :-) In true "sherri fashion" I of course took a gazillion are a few for your viewing...
This is me with all the other wonderful co-hostesses :-) Becca, (sil) Jessica, (sil) Shelly & (sil) Gayle. I'd say we make a good team, worked together pretty well...put on a fabulous party...let's do it again next week!
Jess, Harrison and Auntie Gayle...not quite sure what is going on here exactly, but this photo is hilarious! :-)
Hi Heidi! we are looking forward to your big wedding day in a couple months! :-)
Mommies to be Bethany and Tricia with Becca and myself...I love these girls! Our hubbies have been best friends for a long long time...I am so blessed to have these wonderful ladies in my circle :-)
Grandma Lynette with her sister LuRay. Thanks for traveling all this way for the Shower LuRay!
We played the "string game" and Ashlynn was the big winner! She was right on. This game was really just an excuse to A) get our hands around Bethany's adorable baby bump and B) easy way to get Bethany's photo taken with each of the 30 some guests individually...pretty sly I know :-)
My niece she not the MOST adorable! Speaking of adorable, how great does Bethany look by the way? Hard to believe she has two beings growing inside of her and they are soon to be born, wow! You look fabulous!! And you are genuinely glowing :-)
Do you see my niece Danielle back there...this girl is SOOO her "mother's child". She free-willingly helped out in SOO many ways, you'd think she was one of the hostesses. Here she gather's trash as Bethany opens her gifts. Danielle also piled up the gifts nicely in the front room, she even laid the tissue paper and bags out nicely so that they could be "re-used". At the end of the party I spotted her helping load up mommy & daddy to be's car. What a girl!
Speaking of "her mother's child" sister Heather came early and played "Macy nanny" as we set up for the shower, which was really helpful, oh, and then, she proceeded to CLEAN the whole kitchen as I was saying goodbye to the party guests. I had NOOO clean-up. wow, my sister is just crazy. plain and simple. I'm spoiled.
Heather came in a close 2nd in the "String Game". good effort!
oh Harrison, you are the cutest...Jessica's little guy is eight weeks old already :-)
Silly girls in their DIVA sun cool! Looks like Anna's doing the "Vogue" pose.
Macy, what nice cousins you have! You have no idea just how blessed you are.
I can't wait until Ashlynn is of official "babysitting age"...just a couple more years and we'll be calling you girl-friend :-)
My mom, sisters and nieces were excited to be a part of the celebration as well. Bethany, I hope you know that they are SOO excited for you and Ja and they can't wait to meet your precious babies too! They are always asking me how you are doing and feeling. They're prayin' for ya. You've got lots of friends and family, but you must know that these "extended family Lee girls" are also just a phone call and hop-skip-jump away if you need an extra hand to cuddle these two angels.
Gayle was once again in town for less than 24 hours. She lives in Colorado and always tries her best to come back to town for family stuff. She flew in yesterday just in time for the shower...and flew out bright and early, before the sun even came up, this morning (back to her real world of Chief Medical Physicist at her hospital in Denver). What a gal. I know it meant a lot to Bethany that she was able to be in town for the celebration. She also helped us host the event. Thanks Gayle! :-)
Most importantly, she was able to get some quality niece and nephew therapy. All the kiddos just love when their Aunt Gayle comes to town. She spoils them with attention.
Macy, by the way, hung out down stairs in the basement with daddy, Uncle Ja and Stan during most of the shower. Being that she is recovering from pneumonia, we thought it best for her to not be up and passed around at the party the whole time. She did make a couple appearances however. She is doing great and is very much on the up & up. bye bye ickies :-) she's just about back to her old self! Thank you all for you prayers in her regard!

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